Bet On Bryan Danielson’s First Opponent in AEW

avatar Written By Graeme on August 21, 2021  

Following on from the heels of being able to bet on CM Punk’s First Opponent in AEW, the online sportsbook BetOnline have started another betting prop.

This one involves Bryan Danielson, who has apparently signed with All Elite Wrestling.

While there is no knowledge as of this writing as to when he will debut, the New York show is strongly rumoured.

Much like with Punk, I expect we will see them drop a few not so subtle hints over the coming weeks.

I correctly tipped (it looks like anyway) Darby Allin to be CM Punk’s first opponent in AEW.

Here are the odds for Danielson:

  • CM Punk: +175
  • Kenny Omega: +450
  • Darby Allin: +500
  • Sting: +500
  • MJF: +600
  • Chris Jericho: +700
  • Sammy Guevara: +700
  • Orange Cassidy: +800
  • Cody Rhodes: +900
  • Jungle Boy: +1000
  • Lance Archer: +1000
  • Penta: +1000
  • Eddie Kingston: +1000
  • PAC: +1200

With AEW and their rankings system, I strongly doubt Kenny Omega will be the first opponent. I also believe we can rule out CM Punk, Darby Allin and Sting.

Out of the list above, I think someone like MJF or Penta or Pac would be my bets just out of that list.

if you want a long shot bet way out I would say 1/4u on MJF at +600. I’ll likely wait till closer to the show.

I should note the odds seem to disappear and come back at times so you may have to check back if they aren’t listed.

You can see the odds at BetOnline.

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