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Within this section, I list all the sportsbooks that currently, or have in the past, offered up wrestling betting odds.

There are a few primary sportsbooks I recommend, then there are some where you will only get odds for the big shows etc. I will list them as well.

Wrestling betting has really evolved in the past few years, and it is amazing seeing what sportsbooks have on offer. Gone are the days where you could just bet on matches. Now you can bet on TV buyrates, match duration, star ratings and so much more.

First here are the primary sportsbooks that you should have an account at if you wish to bet wrestling. Click on each review for full details.

Best Sportsbooks to Bet Wrestling:

BetOnline Review: BetOnline is currently the only online sportsbook that Americans can consistently bet wrestling at along with their sister site, If you are American, you need an account at one or the other. If you are not an American you should still bet wrestling at BetOnline as they often offer better odds than the alternatives, and have great deposit bonuses.

BetWarrior Review: Please note this is a Canada only sportsbook. They offer AEW, WWE, NJPW, NXT betting with lots of props along with odds to win the matches. They use Kambi, the same as Mr. Green and previously 888.

Mr. Green Review: Mr. Green is the #1 sportsbook for non-Americans to bet wrestling at. You can bet WWE, NJPW, NXT, AEW. You can bet on various betting props. You can bet star ratings. Bet on special parlays they set up. Basically, if you live outside of America and want to bet wrestling, you 100% need an account at Mr. Green.

Other Sportsbook Wrestling Betting Reviews:

888 Sportsbook Review: 888 used to be the primary leader for non-Americans when it came to wrestling odds, and they were the sportsbook I recommended most. Unfortunately, they no longer offer up wrestling odds at this time. I go into details about this within the review.

5Dimes Sportsbook Review: The best sportsbook to bet professional wrestling for the longest time. Unfortunately, they only cover WWE these days and other sportsbooks have surpassed them. If you bet WWE though, they are still a solid option when it comes to line shopping.

Sports Interaction Review: Sports Interaction is an online sportsbook exclusive to Canadians. You may have seen their ads during WWE Smackdown on Sportsnet and thought you could bet wrestling there. While they have offered wrestling odds in the past, it is only for the big events.