Wrestling Betting Top Lists & Betting Upsets

On this page, I keep a listing of every single betting upset that has ever occured at a WWE PPV.

It can be great reference material to look back at. Betting upsets are where we make the most money, and when you look at a PPV closely, you can often see some consistency.

Plus it is just fun to read!

Each article is updated immediately following the show with the latest upsets.

Here they are by PPV, and sorted alphabetically:

AEW Betting Upsets: A list of every betting upset in the history of All Elite Wrestling.

WWE Backlash Betting Upsets: Not a PPV to really see betting upsets on. Only a few and one of them has a big asterisk beside it.

WWE Elimination Chamber Betting Upsets: Interestingly, Elimination Chamber is one of the biggest PPVs in terms of quantity of betting upsets. There have been a couple of big upsets involving the Elimination Chamber as well as the undercard.

WWE Extreme Rules Betting Upsets: A bit light on upsets due to it’s placement relevant to Wrestlemania for numerous years – a look at all of the betting upsets that have occurred at Extreme Rules.

WWE Fastlane Betting Upsets: Not a big show in terms of betting upsets in quantity, but an infamous +500 win to break the “always bet on Charlotte” rule is on the list.

WWE Hell in a Cell Betting Upsets: There’s been no massive upsets at this one, but a +400 betting upset currently tops the list. Actually Hell in a Cell seems more upsetting for the random crap that makes it on the show – the red light in Seth vs The Fiend, or the ghostly specter distracting Ambrose.

WWE Money in the Bank Betting Upsets: Surprisingly the person who wins the briefcase is quite a rare scenario. In this article I cover every upset at MITB.

WWE Royal Rumble: The actual winners of the Royal Rumble are usually the betting favourites, with only a couple of surprises along the way. I go through all of the Royal Rumble betting upsets – including the non-rumble matches, in this article.

WWE Saudi Arabia Betting Upsets: A compilation of Crown Jewel, Greatest Royal Rumble and Super ShowDown, listing all of the betting upsets that have occurred when WWE head to Saudi Arabia.

WWE Summerslam Betting Upsets: This covers the period from 2013 until present day. There have been numerous betting upsets over the years all for a variety of interesting reasons. Hometown heroes, pleasing the internet fans and injuries that no-one was aware of.

WWE Survivor Series Betting Upsets: There have been some good betting upsets at Survivor Series, like Goldberg defeating Brock Lesnar in 2016. That one happened due to Goldberg signing an extended contract and it not being known beforehand. Survivor Series 2020 also had a +1000 upset. Which one? Read the article to find out.

WWE TLC Betting Upsets: Due to it’s placement within the WWE schedule, TLC isn’t known for big betting upsets. There have been a couple though – one involving one of the most protected wrestlers there is in Roman Reigns.

WWE Wrestlemania Betting Upsets: There is no PPV with bigger upsets than Wrestlemania, including the biggest upset in the history of wrestling betting. And no – it wasn’t Brock Lesnar beating Undertaker.

NJPW G1 Climax 30: The online sportsbooks were AWESOME with this one, giving us betting odds for every single match over the course of the entire G1. 20% of the matches involved betting upsets and I cover them all within this article.

NJPW G1 Climax 31: The must upsetting thing about this tournament was how the final ended. But we had betting odds for almost every night, and there was a lot of upsets at the G1 which I cover in this article.

Other Articles:

A few other articles I have written over the years within this section: