Bet WWE / AEW Futures

avatar Written By Graeme on June 10, 2020  

So I have absolutely no idea if this is going to be a lasting thing or not, however as of June 2020 the online sportsbook non-US Sportsbook (Americans: Bet at BetOnline) has started offering wrestling futures.

This is something really neat and rare to see so I am pretty excited about it.

Currently non-US Sportsbook (Americans: Bet at BetOnline) is offering wrestling futures for both AEW and WWE.

I will provide a list of all of the bets available and the odds. This list was written on June 2020. Below each section I will provide the rules in regard to the futures that non-US Sportsbook (Americans: Bet at BetOnline) list.

AEW Futures:

  • Mike Tyson -1250 vs Chris Jericho +550
  • FTR 150 vs The Young Bucks +108
  • Adam Page -134 vs Kenny Omega -106
  • Kenny Omega -250 vs Chris Jericho +175
  • Cody -139 vs MJF +100
  • Jon Moxley -134 vs MJF -106
  • Jon Moxley -250 vs Chris Jericho +175
  • Kenny Omega -177 vs Jon Moxley +125
  • Jon Moxley -162 vs Lance Archer +115
  • Lance Archer -118 vs Brian Cage -118

These matches can take place on any show be it AEW Dynamite, AEW Dark or a PPV. If the match hasn’t taken pace by January 1st, 2021 your bet will be refunded.

WWE Futures:

  • Drew McIntyre -139 vs Aleister Black +100
  • Braun Strowman -177 vs Brock Lesnar +125
  • Roman Reigns -162 vs Braun Strowman +115
  • Drew McIntyre -139 vs Brock Lesnar +100
  • Brock Lesnar -625 vs Bobby Lashley +350
  • Roman Reigns -250 vs Brock Lesnar +175
  • Brock Lesnar -500 vs Matt Riddle +300
  • Bill Goldberg -250 vs Matt Riddle +175
  • Roman Reigns -278 vs The Rock +190
  • Ronda Rousey -278 vs Asuka +190
  • Ronda Rousey -215 vs Charlotte Flair +150
  • Ronda Rousey -190 vs Shayna Baszler +134
  • Sasha Banks -177 vs Bayley +125
  • Shayna Baszler -118 vs Charlotte Flair -118
  • Shayna Baszler -134 vs Asuka -106
  • Bray Wyatt -200 vs Braun Strowman +140
  • Roman Reigns -150 vs Bray Wyatt +108
  • Brock Lesnar -139 vs Bray Wyatt +100

The rules for these are similar to AEW in that they can happen at any TV show or PPV. It doesn’t specify if house shows are a factor. This will end on March 28th, 2021.

To see all the current WWE and AEW futures, visit non-US Sportsbook (Americans: Bet at BetOnline)

Current Wrestling Betting Odds:

Event:Match:Where To Bet:
WWE Elimination ChamberAll the matchesBetOnline
AEW RevolutionMJF vs DanielsonBetOnline
WWE WrestlemaniaCody vs RomanBetOnline
Note: Not all bets may be available at BetOnline but they are only choice for Americans.