NXT Takeover 31 Betting Odds

avatar Written By Graeme on September 28, 2020  

NXT Takeover 31 will take place on October 4th, 2020 and the card has came together this past week. Should be a belter of a card.

There’ll likely be more matches added but right now we have four matches with Damien Priest defending the North American Championship against Johnny Gargano, and Finn Balor defending the NXT Championship against Kyle O’Reilly.

On this page I will list the historical NXT Takeover 31 odds and update them as things change.

NXT Takeover 31 Odds:

October 3rd:

  • Santos Escobar (-190) vs Isaiah Scott (+134)
  • Velveteem Dream (-177) vs Kushida (+125)
  • Finn Balor (-1000) vs Kyle O’Reilly (+500)
  • Damien Priest (-278) vs Johnny Gargano (+190)
  • Io Shirai (-190) vs Candice LeRae (+134)

Each match has prop bets of star ratings and also method of decision, and finally match duration over/under.

There is a prop bet of number of title changes (None +105, Exactly 1 at -150 and 2 or more at +300).

You can also bet that Priest, Shirai, Swerve and Kushida all win for -112 or all the heels win at +350 or same amount of matches won at +134. You an also bet if the Gargano Power Couple do a title double and what match will have the longest time – NXT North American Championship or NXT Women Championship. -112 vs -125 for that.

September 28th:

  • Kushida (-190) vs Velveteen Dream (+134)
  • Finn Balor (-770) vs Kyle O’Reilly (+400)
  • Damien Priest (-200) vs Johnny Gargano (+140)
  • Io Shirai (-295) vs Candice LeRae (+200)
  • NXT Takeover 31 Props available include Wrestling Observer star ratings, duration of match, and the “Gargano Power Couple Title Defense” with the answers of course being Yes or No.

    You can also bet if the North American Championship or Women Championship match will have the longest bell to bell duration.

    I will have NXT Takeover 31 Betting Tips posted on Thursday – the day after the NXT TV show.

    Where To Bet NXT Takeover 31:

    1. Click this link to visit BetOnline.
    2. Register an Account.
    3. The Wrestling section will be located under Other Sports. You just need to expand that section.
    4. You can deposit to BetOnline via over 20 different options such as credit card.

    Event:Match:Odds: Where To Bet:
    Power StruggleNaito vs EVILNaito -400 EVIL +250BetOnline
    Power StruggleKENTA vs TanahashiKENTA -155 Tanahashi +110BetOnline
    Power StruggleKazuchika Okada vs Great O-KhanOkada -139 O'Khan +100BetOnline
    Power StruggleKota Ibushi vs Jay WhiteIbushi -400 White +250BetOnline
    Power StruggleShingo Takagi vs Minoru SuzukiTakagi -190 Suzuki +134BetOnline
    Power StruggleToru Yano vs Zack Sabre Jr.Yano -139 ZSJ +100BetOnline
    Full GearJon Moxley vs Eddie KingstonMox -1430 Eddie +600BetOnline
    Full GearFTR vs The Young BucksFTR -278 Young Bucks +190BetOnline
    Full GearMatt Hardy vs Sammy GuevaraMatt -190 Sammy +134BetOnline
    Full GearOmega vs HangmanOmega -625 Page +350BetOnline
    TV RatingsAll 4 ShowsVariousBetOnline
    Note: Not all bets may be available at BetOnline but they are only choice for Americans.

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