Wrestling Betting Odds & Tips: April 14, 2020

avatar Written By Graeme on April 14, 2020  

Hi everyone,

I thought we’d have a quick look at what wrestling bets are available this week.

There is quite a few bets mostly all at 888 Sports.

BetOnline has odds on Gronk winning the other championships but eh not really worth betting on those.

Here is what is available as of April 14th, 2020. There is a combination of futures, TV matches and then the usual bets available for TV Rating.

Jon Moxley vs Jake Hager: Moxley is no surprise a big favourite to win this match taking place on April 15th, on AEW Dynamite. It’s an interesting one because they have booked Hagar strong. However it does seem they have built him up enough to where Mox can beat him and it’s good for Mox. If Hagar loses but puts in a very tough fight, it all balances out. Hagar is +500 and I am not sure he is worth a bet.

AEW TNT Championship Winner: Lance Archer is the favourite at -230, with Cody at +225 and Darby Allin at +225. I haven’t really fantasy booked this one too much but I’d expect them to have Darby beat Cody only to lose to Lance. I think that’s the most probable. In saying that if Lance destroyed Dustin in a big way it sets up revenge feud etc for Cody. Honestly I’d do a small bet on Darby Allin here. I think Cody vs Lance will be the feud coming out of this and they don’t need the belt involved.

They have various other props available in regard to the brackets but I won’t list them all. You can bet on the exact final, bracket winner etc and you can see them all at 888 Sports

I’d advise Bracket Winner Left Is Cody = NO at +200 odds.

The Miz vs Big E vs Jey Uso: This one is for the Smackdown Tag Team Championship on Smackdown on April 17th, 2020. No idea about this one. It’s hard to see them switching the tag titles on a singles match but on the flip side it gives a reason for them to complain. Maybe worth a small bet on Big E or Jey Uso. Not sure which one though.

Ratings War Specials: You can bet on the over/under for AEW Dynamite at 0.825 (it’s going to go under), the over/under on NXT 0.6 (I think over with it being live), and will AEW get 0.2 million more than NXT (I say no).

All 1/4 unit bets on those ones.

Bet all these at 888 Sports

Current Wrestling Betting Odds:

Event:Match:Where To Bet:
WrestlemaniaAll the matchesBetOnline
Elimination ChamberAll the matchesBetOnline
AEW RevolutionBoth RumblesBetOnline