WWE 2021 Draft Betting Odds

avatar Written By Graeme on September 11, 2021  

The WWE draft is tentatively scheduled for early October, and you can bet on it which is awesome!

They haven’t made it official yet, but all the reports on the internet state that it will take place over the Smackdown on October 1st, and then the RAW on October 4th.

The only sportsbook offering odds on the draft at the moment is non-US Sportsbook (Americans: Bet at BetOnline).

There they have a list of wrestlers, and then which brand they will be on following the drafts’ completion.

Here is a list in alphabetical order by first name of everyone you can bet on, and their odds:

  • AJ Styles: RAW -177 Smackdown +125
  • Alexa Bliss:RAW -400 Smackdown +250
  • Asuka: RAW +108 Smackdown -150
  • Baron Corbin:RAW +120 Smackdown -167
  • Becky Lynch:RAW +300 Smackdown -500
  • Bianca Belair:RAW +140 Smackdown -200
  • Big E: RAW -143 Smackdown +102
  • Bobby Lashley:RAW -770 Smackdown +400
  • Cesaro: RAW -167 Smackdown +120
  • Charlotte Flair:RAW -625 Smackdown +350
  • Damien Priest: RAW -625 Smackdown +350
  • Drew McIntyre: RAW +175 Smackdown -250
  • Finn Balor: RAW +108 Smackdown -150
  • Karrion Kross: RAW -295 Smackdown +200
  • Keith Lee:RAW -118 Smackdown -118
  • Kevin Owens:RAW +125 Smackdown -177
  • Matt Riddle: -400 Smackdown +250
  • Randy Orton: RAW -400 Smackdown +250
  • Rhea Ripley: RAW -150 Smackdown +108
  • Roman Reigns: RAW +550 Smackdown -1250
  • Sasha Banks:RAW +115 Smackdown -162
  • Seth Rollins: RAW +300 Smackdown -500
  • Shinsuke Nakamura:RAW +300 Smackdown -500

Where To Bet the WWE Draft:

The only place to bet the WWE Draft is at non-US Sportsbook (Americans: Bet at BetOnline).

WWE Draft 2021 Betting Tips:

I will likely do WWE Draft betting tips closer to the time. You can subscribe via e-mail and get the tips e-mailed to you.

I will also likely record a podcast covering the draft so you can subscribe or follow it over at BetWrestlingPodcast.com.

Current Wrestling Betting Odds:

Event:Match:Where To Bet:
WWE Elimination ChamberAll the matchesBetOnline
AEW RevolutionMJF vs DanielsonBetOnline
WWE WrestlemaniaCody vs RomanBetOnline
Note: Not all bets may be available at BetOnline but they are only choice for Americans.