WWE Backlash 2020 Betting Odds

avatar Written By Graeme on June 1, 2020  

WWE Backlash 2020 takes place on Sunday, June 14th 2020.

It features “The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever” between Edge and Randy Orton. Quite the billing for that match that’s for sure. It’s based off criticisms no doubt of their match at Wrestlemania which I had to admit I wasn’t the biggest fan of.

As of this writing, there are four matches announced for WWE Backlash 2020.

Along with the greatest wrestling match ever, there are three championship matches announced.

Sportsbooks have odds up for this already. Here is the list of both current wrestling betting odds available, and Backlash 2020 Betting Odds:

Backlash 2020 & Current Wrestling Betting Odds:

Event: Match: Odds:   Where To Bet:
Dynamite Team Shaq vs Team Cody Shaq -150 Cody +108 BetOnline
Revolution Darby / Sting vs Cage / Starks Sting -295 Cage +200 BetOnline
Revolution Young Bucks vs Jericho / MJF Bucks -200 MJF +140 BetOnline
Wrestlemania Various props Like what will the main event be BetOnline
Note: Not all bets may be available at BetOnline but they are only choice for Americans.

It’s a bit early for speculation however Randy Orton winning at 1.62 odds makes a fair bit of sense. I could see them going for a trifecta involving those two. Everyone loves a trilogy with the final match taking place at Summerslam.

It’s possible they could hotshot the title onto Nia Jax. I’ll be looking at her strongly over the coming weeks. I can’t see Morrison & Miz winning unless they want to mix things up a bit. However I feel like they would try and treat the title with a bit of credibility.

Either way I’ll be studying everything over the next little while in preparation for Backlash 2020 Betting Tips.

I’ll update the odds and keep historical odds week by week.

June 1st:

Orton 1.62 vs Edge 2.15
Asuka 1.16 vs Nia Jax 4.50
Braun 1.13 vs Morrison & Miz 5.00
Drew 1.16 vs Lashley 4.50

June 8th:

Orton 1.57 vs Edge 2.25
Asuka 1.13 vs Nia Jax 5.00
Braun 1.08 vs Morrison/Miz 6.50
Drew 1.08 vs Lashley 6.50
Jeff Hardy 1.47 vs Sheamus 2.50

So not any real big changes on a week to week basis except Jeff Hardy vs Sheamus was added to the betting odds.

Where To Bet WWE Backlash:

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  2. Register an Account.
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  4. You can deposit to BetOnline via over 20 different options such as credit card.

Current Wrestling Betting Odds:

Event:Match:Odds: Where To Bet:
DynamiteTeam Shaq vs Team CodyShaq -150 Cody +108BetOnline
RevolutionDarby / Sting vs Cage / StarksSting -295 Cage +200BetOnline
RevolutionYoung Bucks vs Jericho / MJFBucks -200 MJF +140BetOnline
WrestlemaniaVarious propsLike what will the main event beBetOnline
Note: Not all bets may be available at BetOnline but they are only choice for Americans.

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