WWE Survivor Series 2019 Betting Odds

avatar Written By Graeme on November 17, 2019  

WWE Survivor Series 2019 takes place next weekend, on November 24th 2019.

It features the battle of the brands again although this one is a three-way brand battle as we have RAW vs Smackdown vs NXT.

As always it is a battle that takes up 4-5 weeks of television time with no real reward at the end.

The card is always subject to change and as of this writing we don’t know many members in the 5 vs 5 vs 5 matches yet, however it is headlined right now by the title matches of Brock Lesnar vs Rey Mysterio and Bray Wyatt vs Daniel Bryan.

Sportsbooks are starting to release odds and props for WWE Survivor Series and I thought I would list them here.

All of these are taken from 888 Sportsbook:

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Brand Supremacy: They have an entire section dedicated to brand supremacy. For example there is who will win the most brand to brand matches between all three brands. Then you can bet on who will win the most Champion vs Champion matches. As well as who will win the most brand to brand elimination matches.

Brand vs brand has Smackdown at 2.00, NXT at 2.34 and RAW at 4.00. Champions matches has RAW at 2.25, Smackdown at 2.60 and NXT at 2.90. Elimination matches has RAW at 2.10, NXT at 2.50 and Smackdown at 3.34.

Survivor Series Props: There are honestly way too many props for Survivor Series 2019 to list. Go see for yourself. You can bet on things such as the exact score of elimination matches. ie: RAW to win 2-0 at 5.50. Or RAW and Smackdown both win 1 at 3.25.

You can then place bets on the over/under on brand supremacy such as NXT having over or under 2 victories. Or moneyline such as NXT to have more brand supremacy match wins than RAW etc.

Other props include whether CM Punk will appear at Survivor Series or not, as well as whether both champions, Bray and Brock, will retain. You can also bet on what match goes last on the card with the Men 5 vs 5 vs 5 as the favourite at 1.40.

Men Elimination: NXT and Smackdown are joint favourites at 2.34 with RAW at 3.10.

Women Elimination: NXT and RAW are joint favourites at 2.10. Smackdown are 4.50.

WWE Championship: Brock is the favourite at 1.44 and Rey Mysterio is 2.60 to win. You can also bet on whether the Current champion retains the title, whether they win by pinfall, submission or any other method, if Brock breaks the record for most suplexes in the match, how many F5s Brock performs and many many more. See them all at 888 Sportsbook.

Universal Championship: Bray is the favourite at 1.25 over Bryan at 3.50. Not as many props as above. Method of victory, star rating and who gets the first near fall.

US vs IC vs North American Title Match: AJ Styles is favourite at 1.95, Shinsuke Nakamura is 2.15 and Roderick Strong is 5.00. Various props such as who is pinned.

Mens Tag Match: Viking Raiders are 1.44, with Undisputed Era at 3.50 and New Day at 5.10.

Womens Championship Triple Threat: Bayley is 2.10, Shayna Bazler is 2.10 and Becky Lynch is 4.50. You can also bet Shayna Baszler at 2.10 or the other two one of them to win at 1.65.

I will be back with Survivor Series 2019 Betting Tips Thursday evening. You can bet on Survivor Series 2019 or check out the latest odds at 888 Sportsbook

Americans: You can bet Survivor Series at BetOnline. Everyone else bet at 888

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