WWE Backlash 2020 Podcast

avatar Written By Graeme on June 9, 2020  

Hi everyone,

I will have WWE Backlash Betting Tips up probably Wednesday or Thursday.

However I wanted to make a quick post to let everyone know that I have already recorded my WWE Backlash podcast where I provide my betting tips on there.

Things may change from now until the betting tips due to odds changing. So it is well worth listening to the podcast.

I also cover WWE Smackdown and the big match there featuring Daniel Bryan vs AJ Styles.

I’d much love it if you could listen to it via app. Spotify, Podcast Addict, iTunes etc.

It works out a lot better for us. You just search for Going Over: Bet Pro Wrestling and you will find it.

Subscribe too that really helps.

However I’ve also embedded it below – but yeah if you could take two minutes and subscribe to us that’d be huge for us. Thanks.

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