Mr. Green Sportsbook Review: WWE, AEW, NXT, NJPW

avatar Written By Graeme on October 29, 2021  

Our system has detected that you live in the USA. This sportsbook does not accept Americans. Americans can bet wrestling at BetOnline.

Mr. Green is the #1 online sportsbook for anyone outside of the USA when it comes to professional wrestling.

They offer up more than you could possibly imagine when it comes to wrestling betting.

Want to bet on WWE, AEW, NJPW and NXT? Yep you can do that at Mr. Green.

Want to bet on wrestling props, such as the duration of the match, or the amount of suplexes Brock Lesnar will hit during his match? Yep you can do that at Mr. Green.

Want to do group betting parlays, such as “All the Faces” win on a particular PPV? Guess what? You can do that at Mr. Green.

Hell you can even bet Dave Meltzer’s Star Ratings!!!

If you live outside the USA then this is your one stop shop – head straight over to Mr. Green, the best for betting on professional wrestling.

WWE Betting at Mr. Green:

Mr. Green will cover all WWE “PPVs” and special events, such as Crown Jewel. They have also offered betting odds in the past for events such as WWE Starrcade, which was essentially a glorifed house show.

They always offer a wide selection of props, depending on the match. The most obvious one is of course who will win a match. If it is a tag team match, you will also get to bet on who will be involved in the finish. So you could predict that Randy Orton will be involved in the finish in a match involving RK-Bro and AJ/Omos. If Randy Orton either gets the pin or is pinned, you would win that bet.

Mr. Green also lets you bet on the duration of matches by betting the over/under. Depending on the match, you will be able to bet props as well such as amount of suplexes Brock hits, or amount of F5s he hits etc.

They also offer parlays for matches such as “all the heels win” etc. They always have multiple groups with a variety of parlays for enhanced odds.

You can also bet on the star rating that Dave Meltzer will give the match in the Wrestling Observer newsletter, with an over/under line for that.

AEW Betting at Mr. Green:

You can bet all of the props listed above for AEW, for WWE as well. Match duration, star ratings, special props such as how many V Triggers Omega will hit etc.

They have offered up odds not just for the PPVs AEW offer, but the big shows such as AEW Grand Slam. Then occasionally in the past they have offered up odds for AEW Dynamite. One of the nice things about All Elite Wrestling actually announcing a card in advance.

They used to offer Wednesday Night Wars props as well. They will still occasionally offer odds related to AEW TV ratings, generally in comparison with a WWE show or an over/under line for a big show.

NXT Betting at Mr Green:

In the past, Mr. Green have offered betting odds for the NXT TV shows when there is a big match announced, such as a title match on regular TV.

They offer betting odds as well for all NXT Takeover or PPV events.

NJPW Betting at Mr Green:

Mr Green is one of the only online sportsbooks to offer New Japan Pro Wrestling betting odds.

This is usually reserved for Wrestle Kingdom and G1. The G1 Climax Tournaments are awesome due to Mr. Green as you don’t just bet futures such as block winners; they offer betting odds for EVERY NIGHT of the G1, and also various props such as bet the actual matchup in the final etc.

Wrestling Props at Mr. Green:

The amount of wrestling props at Mr. Green is just crazy. As mentioned above, you can bet on the match duration with an over/under. You can bet on the amount of moves a wrestler will do. You can bet on who will be involved in the finish.

You can also bet on who will get the first near fall etc.

They’re very creative with the wrestling props they offer and it is a very impressive selection. It’s great because often in wrestling, a match is unbettable on who will win due to the odds. That’s where Mr. Green offering props makes that much more sense. Then those matches like Roman Reigns vs Finn Balor where the result was inevitable – you can still find something to bet at it.

Mr Green Wrestling Betting Questions:

Q: Does Mr. Green allow Americans?

Unfortunately not. If you are American, I highly recommend BetOnline.

Got questions? Ask Away.

My Personal Review of Mr Green

So for those who don’t know – Mr. Green use a B2B provider for sports betting called Kambi. Any other sportsbooks that use Kambi also have the same odds and betting options.

For years, I would use 888 Sportsbook to do my wrestling betting, as they were a Kambi sportsbook and that was where I had my money.

Unfortunately in January 2021, they stopped offering wrestling odds. This was an 888 choice. Kambi still offer wrestling odds.

So I had to find a new Kambi sportsbook and I went with Mr. Green. I have been extremely happy with them so far.

I’ve received all my payouts as prompted, received reload bonuses, had no reason to contact customer support etc. Their website is nice and simple to use.

If you are a non-American, you absolutely need an account at Mr. Green.

Our system has detected that you live in the USA. This sportsbook does not accept Americans. Americans can bet wrestling at BetOnline.

Current Wrestling Betting Odds:

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