Sports Interaction Review: WWE, AEW, NXT

avatar Written By Graeme on November 1, 2021  

Our system has detected that you live outside of Canada. This sportsbook only accept Canadians. You can bet wrestling at BetOnline.

Sports Interaction is an online sportsbook exclusive to Canadians. Only Canadians can register and bet there.

You may have seen the ads for Sports Interaction during WWE Smackdown on Sportsnet, and wondered “Can I bet WWE at Sports Interaction?”.

The answer is unfortunately “very rarely”.

There are some online sportsbooks that offer up betting odds for every WWE and AEW event. Then there are sportsbooks which only cover the big events such as Wrestlemania and Royal Rumble. And even that isn’t guaranteed.

Sports Interaction unfortunately fall into the latter category.

If you are Canadian, and are looking for an online sportsbook to bet wrestling at, I highly recommend BetWarrior.

They are the best online sportsbook for Canadians to bet wrestling at. Here is a sample of what you can bet:

  • All WWE and AEW PPV and marquee show matches
  • Betting props such as “How many suplexes does Brock hit?
  • Betting props such as match duration, who has first near fall
  • Over/Under on Dave Meltzer’s star ratings (yes, this is real)

I live in Canada, and I highly recommend BetWarrior for anyone looking to bet wrestling in Canada.

I will cover more details about Sports Interaction in the rest of this review. Sports Interaction are still a great sportsbook for non-wrestling. If you like to bet hockey etc I highly recommend opening an account at Sports Interaction. Give them a try with their free bets.

WWE Betting at Sports Interaction

In the past, Sports Interaction have offered odds up for WWE Wrestlemania and the WWE Royal Rumble.

There is no guarantee that they will run these each year. They also always seem to be a last minute addition. If the show takes place on a Sunday, odds will show up on a Friday or Saturday. So it’s worth checking at the last minute to see if they have anything.

NXT, AEW & NJPW Betting at Sports Interaction

Sports Interaction have never offered NXT, AEW or NJPW odds. It is just WWE odds that they have offered in the past.

Sports Interaction Wrestling Betting Questions

Why do Sports Interaction advertise during WWE Smackdown on Sportsnet if they don’t offer wrestling betting?

It’s just part of their sponsorship deal with Sportsnet. They advertise during other shows – not just Smackdown. They are also still an excellent online sportsbook to bet non-wrestling at. Click here to visit Sports Interaction. And hey if you register there let them know you’d be interested in wrestling betting. That sort of feedback can change things.

Got questions? Ask Away.

Sports Interaction: My Personal Review

Other than not having wrestling, I give Sports Interaction my strongest recommendation.

Being a Canadian exclusive sportsbook, you can get real value on hockey if betting against the likes of the Leafs, Habs etc. So many people bet on them that you can get some real ridiculous value betting the other side at times.

They’re always doing promotions, free spins, have excellent customer service, fast withdrawals etc. Superb sportsbook.

I’m also a big fan of their Pinata Pick which they offer up for a lot of events where you can get a random team or player at a higher price than normal. It can be a way to spice up things and a fun entertainment bet to make.

They’ve also had some great and fun prop bets in the past. I still remember when they set an over/under for earthquakes in Yellowstone in the month of April 2020 for example.

Sadly not having wrestling on a regular basis is just killer.

If you are looking for an online sportsbook for overall betting then Sports Interaction is the best for Canadians.

But if you are looking to bet wrestling, I highly recommend BetWarrior.

Our system has detected that you live outside of Canada. This sportsbook only accept Canadians. You can bet wrestling at BetOnline.

Current Wrestling Betting Odds:

Event:Match:Where To Bet:
WrestlemaniaAll the matchesBetOnline
Elimination ChamberAll the matchesBetOnline
AEW RevolutionBoth RumblesBetOnline