NJPW G1 2021: Night 11 & 12 Betting Odds & Tips

avatar Written By Graeme on October 6, 2021  

Night 11 and 12 of the New Japan G1 Climax is upon us.

It takes place on Thursday October 7th and Friday, October 8th.

A note that Night 13 will be on Saturday, and then Night 14 is on Tuesday.

Busy times.

I think these past two shows were the only time so far Block B was better than Block A. Nice to see them all step up.

Let’s get to it:

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NJPW G1 Night 11 Odds & Tips:

  • Kota Ibushi (-835) vs Tanga Loa (+425)
  • Zack Sabre. Jr (-500) vs Yujiro Takahashi (+300)
  • Shingo Takagi (-455) vs Toru Yano (+280)
  • Tomohiro Ishii (-200) vs Great-O-Khan (+140)

I’m ticked at myself for taking ZSJ over Ishii on Night 9. That was a rookie mistake as it was obvious in hindsight what they were doing with Ishii. They had played up his 0-3 start which had happened before and it was dumb of me to bet against him with that. Least it was a breakeven night thanks to Ibushi and Tanga Loa.

Have to think Ibushi keeps the heat on ZSJ and gets the win.

I feel like ZSJ is winning at least the block. I feel like ZSJ is ripe for a loss or two but I am not sure Takahashi is the one. I feel like it’s more against Yano and Tanga. Remember Takahashi stunned Ibushi so who knows? 1/4u on Takahashi.

Yano crushing it at the moment but I think time for him to drop down. Takagi should win.

Ishii seems to be on the tear now so yep no bet there.

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NJPW G1 Night 12 Odds & Tips:

  • Yoshi-Hashi (-118) vs Tama Tonga (-118)
  • Hirooki Goto (-190) vs Chase Owens (+134)
  • SANADA (-200) vs Jeff Cobb (+140)
  • EVIL (-134) vs Hiroshi Tanahashi (-106)
  • Kazuchika Okada (-190) vs Taichi (+134)

Yoshi and Tama both eliminated. I feel like Tama has been working super hard during this tournament and I’ve enjoyed his work. Let’s see them give him the win here as I feel he needs it more. 1/4u on Tama.

I said last time around I liked the odds on Chase Owens. Not enough to pull the trigger but he pulled a huge upset with that victory. Odds aren’t enough this time though.

1/2u on Jeff Cobb to beat SANADA. Just the way the booking is going, it’s possible Cobb and Okada both make it to their final match unbeaten. Of course this is the G1 so it’s possible they pull what I would deem as an upset here. The bookies don’t feel that’s an upset so happy to bet it.

1/4u on Tanahashi to win after his loss last time out.

And I feel like Okada wins there.

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