NJPW G1 2021: Night 7 & 8 Betting Odds & Tips

avatar Written By Graeme on September 29, 2021  

The NJPW G1 is fast and furious right now with Nights 7 and 8 upon us.

Night 7 will take place on Thursday, September 30th with Night 8 taking place on Friday, October 1st.

I was unable to watch Night 6 today due to time constraints so I will try and watch that tomorrow. Just haven’t been able to get in the routine. Plus I will be honest – Block B is a bit of a chore to watch.

Block A is too at times. These long Yano matches man I need a break from them. Usually love Yano too.

Here are the betting odds for both nights and tips:

NJPW Night 7 Betting Odds:

  • Tomohiro Ishii (-315) vs Tanga Loa (+210)
  • Zack Sabre Jr. (-250) vs Great-O-Khan (+175)
  • Kota Ibushi (-278) vs Toru Yano (+190)
  • Shingo Takagi (-177) vs KENTA (+125)

Ishii is 0-3. SURELY he gets the win here. I mean it’s not certain of course. He has that default win over Naito. Feels like this is where he gets the win. I just can’t see betting on Tanga.

We’ve made some nice money betting on Zack Sabre Jr. I called them pushing him very early on and glad to see it is paying off. O-Khan also got the important win over Yano. O-Khan is someone who NJPW love. Personally I think you just keep pushing ZSJ and have him granny everyone. BUT when you look at his schedule I think he can lose a couple and still win the block.

I’ve got to think he beats Yano and Loa. I’m going to go with 1/4u on Great-O-Khan to pull off the upset and win.

Hopefully THIS Yano match is shorter much like his others against Ibushi. Yano has a 2-1 record over Ibushi and I feel they tie it up here. Gotta feel they want Ibushi to be a top contender near the end and a win here is crucial to that otherwise he can only get 12 points.

KENTA is slightly tempting as when you look at the booking in the last year he is protected well and getting the wins. The odds aren’t there for me though.

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NJPW Night 8 Betting Odds:

  • Jeff Cobb (-625) vs Tama Tonga (+350)
  • EVIL (-625) vs Chase Owens (+350)
  • Taichi (-455) vs Yoshi-Hashi (+280)
  • Kazuchika Okada (-625) vs Hirooki Goto (+350)
  • SANADA (-177) vs Hiroshi Tanahashi (+125)

NJPW Night 8 Betting Tips:

Tama Tonga was extremely unlucky to lose to Tanahashi. It was a well booked match where you felt he was almost cheated out of the win at the end. Cobb has to lose sometime. Just seeing how strong Tonga was put over against Tanahashi? I’m fine with 1/4u on Tama Tonga to Win at that price.

Can’t see EVIL losing.

After a grueling match against Okada I don’t think Yoshi-Hashi picks up the win either.

In the main event – one of the undefeated streaks has to lose. Goto however when he beats Okada, it’s in the G1. This is a pure value play. 1/4u on Goto to win.

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