NJPW G1 Climax 30: Nights 17 & 18 Betting Odds & Tips

avatar Written By Graeme on October 15, 2020  

Hi guys,

So unfortunately I won’t be doing betting tips for NJPW Night 17 and 18.

The reason for that is because the sportsbooks put the odds up too late. It was only about 5pm EST on Thursday that they put them up and Friday is when Night 17 starts.

In saying that I guess I can have a look and will say what I’ll bet even if they don’t really count in my record. I’ll be listing the odds for archival purposes of course so let’s see what the odds are anyway and let’s also look at the standings.

I guess if you want to bet even though it is super late I can have a look too and give my quick thoughts.

NJPW Block A Standings:

12pts: Ibushi, Okada, White
10pts Osperay
8pts: Jeff Cobb, Taichi
6pts: Ishii, Takagi, Suzuki
0pts: Takahashi

NJPW G1 2020 Night 17 Odds:

  • Kazuchika Okada (-155) vs Will Ospreay (+110)
  • Jay White (+100) vs Tomohiro Ishii (-139)
  • Taichi (-215) vs Kota Ibushi (+150)
  • Yujiro Takahashi (-177) vs Jeff Cobb (+125)
  • Shingo Takagi (-295) vs Minoru Suzuki (+200)

NJPW G1 2020 Night 17 Betting Tips:

Ishii vs White goes on last. White just has to win to go through so a perfect spot for that one. I’ve got to think that that makes Okada and Ibushi worth betting simply because it adds a lot of excitement to the end.

Of course Okada needs Ibushi to lose.

So I will do 1/2u on Okada to win. I still think Ibushi will win but Okada seems the sensible bet. I can’t see Ospreay winning as at best he gets a tie.

Suzuki has been fantastic this G1 but a win for Takagi is very import long term so no bet there.

It does feel like Takahashi gets his first and only win here. I’ve loved Cobb a lot. He is tempting however in terms of long term thinking might as well give Takahashi the win.

NJPW Block B Standings:

12pts: Naito, EVIL
10pts: SANADA, ZSJ
8pts: Goto, KENTA
6pts: Tanahashi, Robinson, Yano
2pts: Yoshi-Hashi

NJPW G1 2020 Night 18 Odds:

  • KENTA (-190) vs Tetsuya Naito (+134)
  • SANADA (-118) vs EVIL (-118)
  • Hiroshi Tanahashi (-190) vs ZSJ (+134)
  • Juice Robinson (-150) vs Hirooki Goto (+108)
  • Toru Yano (-106) vs Yoshi Hashi (-134)

NJPW G1 2020 Night 18 Betting Tips:

Final match is of course EVIL vs SANADA.

With all the interference EVIL has had to get here I think the better story is SANADA overcomes it all and wins. However that also means Naito has to lose if I believe that. SANADA is better odds so I’m good with 1/2u on Sanada. One reason is simply as it will get me into the match more. Could see some shenigans with White.

Toru Yano has been amazing this tournament but I can’t see any more upsets.

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