NJPW Night 16 Betting Odds & Tips

avatar Written By Graeme on October 13, 2021  

Night 14 and Night 15 of the NJPW G1 are in the books.

There was exactly one betting upset which was Tama Tonga defeating Taici at +300 odds.

I had no tips either nights as I expected all favourites to win – which did happen except for that one match.

We now have Night 16 taking place tomorrow, and then we’ve got some breathing room until Monday. I may even do a quick podcast for the remaining two final nights. We shall see.

Here are the odds for Night 16:

NJPW G1 Night 16 Odds & Tips:

  • Taichi (-400) vs Chase Owens (+250)
  • SANADA (-250) vs Hirooki Goto (+175)
  • Hiroshi Tanahashi (-345) vs Yoshi-Hashi (+225)
  • EVIL (-177) vs Jeff Cobb (+125)
  • Kazuchika Okada (-1250) vs Tama Tonga (+550)

Only three people are in. Okada, Cobb, EVIL. EVIL has to win to remain in. Okada and Cobb cannot be eliminated.

Chase Owens has impressed me a lot this tournament and it’s sad that he only has 2 points. I feel like he will get one more win in this tournament. It’s either versus Yoshi-Hashi or Taichi so at +250 I will go with 1/4u on Chase Owens for the win.

I said last time that SANADA seems to be rehabbed now. He should beat Goto.

Then we have the final three. Will they eliminate EVIL and have Okada and Cobb unbeaten in the final match? Or will they have EVIL win to keep him in the running and make two matches interesting in the final night?

They could also go nuts and have EVIL beat Cobb, And Tonga to beat Okada.

If Okada beats Tonga and EVIL beats Cobb and on the final day EVIl and Cobb wins, you have a 3 way tie that can’t really be determined based on current rules I believe. So you have to do some craziness like a triple threat or a 4-way which I don’t think will happen.

I’m going to do a small bet on what I WANT to happen which is 1/4u on Jeff Cobb to win. I want Cobb and Okada unbeaten with no nonsense in there and both men to go balls out.

Sure they can still accomplish that with EVIL winning but I just feel it’s much better that way.

Unlike most bets on here though this isn’t a value bet or a bet with any real confidence. I’m more backing what I want to happen.

At the price, I’m also doing 1/4u on Tama Tonga. It seems extremely unlikely but we know how Gedo likes to mix it up. That’s one where I just feel there is enough value but it’s razor thin. If you think these things don’t happen, look back at Night 1 and Ibushi.

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