NXT Halloween Havoc 2021 Betting Tips

avatar Written By Graeme on October 25, 2021  

NXT Halloween Havoc takes place on Tuesday, October 26th.

It’s a 4 match card – that we’re aware of – and the awesome sportsbook BetOnline have set up betting odds for the 4 matches.

A lot of intrigue in that main event. Will they give Bron Breakker the title belt right off the bat?

If there is anyone you want to strap a rocket to, and make the face of NXT 2.0, it’s that guy.

Here are a look at the betting odds:

NXT Halloween Havoc 2021 Betting Odds:

  • MSK (-150) vs Imperium (+110)
  • Gigi Dolin & Jacy Jayne (+115) vs Io Shirai & Zoey Stark (+135) vs Indi Hartwell & Persia Pirotta (+175)
  • Raquel Gonzalez (-140) vs Mandy Rose (+100)
  • Bron Breakker (-120) vs Tommaso Ciampa (-120)

BetOnline is the only place you can bet NXT Halloween Havoc.

NXT Halloween Havoc 2021 Betting Tips:

I would advise a 1/4u bet on Bron Breakker To Win. I’m not sure if they will give him the belt, but I think this would be a great opportunity for them and a good move. He has a lot of potential and a lot of buzz and it would be a noteworthy title change.

If this was months ago, Gonzalez vs Rose would be nothing but a squash match. Rose is a lot better now and this one should be competitive. Despite that, I think Gonzalez retains here. However…..

In the triple threat tag match I think Shirai and Stark lose their belts. They want to split them up. Toxic Attraction would be a good bet to win. But does that mean that Mandy Rose wins the belt and they all have titles? It’s certainly probable. BUt they may wish to keep them longer before dropping.

I’m very conflicted on all of that.

Also not sure on MSK vs Imperium.

See the real problem here is that NXT 2.0 is still carving it’s new identity, and it’s hard to really figure stuff out and where they are going.

If you are looking for action – I’d say give the belts to Imperium and will be putting 1/4u on them. MSK have been great in the few months they have had the belts, but I think MSK would be good to move up now.

But not going to force picks. There is certainly value in both womens matches based on the odds, but I’ve no clue what that is honestly.

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