NXT WarGames 2021 Betting Tips

avatar Written By Graeme on December 3, 2021  

NXT Wargames takes place this Sunday, December 5th.

The Kambi sportsbooks don’t have odds up yet, so there’s only one sportsbook you can bet it at which we recommend, which is BetOnline.

There are five matches on the card, but we only have betting odds for four of them at this time. Not sure if that will change.

Here are the betting odds:

NXT Wargames 2021 Betting Odds:

  • Cameron Grimes (-120) vs Duke Hudson (-120)
  • Team 2.0 (-200) vs Team Black & Gold (+150)
  • Roderick Strong (-185) vs Joe Gacy (+140)
  • Raquel Gonzalez et al (-125) vs Toxic Attraction & Dakota Kai (-115)

NXT Wargames 2021 Betting Tips:

I must admit – NXT isn’t exactly my favourite promotion at the moment. I throw it on but I just zone out so hard “watching” the matches. So bear that in mind. It’s a lot of background noise.

I do still research it, read predictions, recaps etc but there are often little small things that I miss. Just wanted to add that caveat.

I’ve got to think Team 2.0 win and are unbettable at those odds. All the up and comers etc. NXT 2.0 is purely developmental so putting the old guys over would be just plain silly. Have to think this is also a setup for Breakker vs Ciampa II.

I would think they use the Women’s match to establish the next contender for Jade. They put Toxic Attraction over huge at the last show, and I feel that can continue here. 1/4u on Toxic Attraction Dakota Kai.

I freaking hate Joe Gacy so it’s hard to back him ha. Strong has really reinvented himself. I heard it may even be scrapped but then maybe they do the all inclusive title instead. I go back and forth on this one. Feel it is a real 50/50 one and based on that, it makes sense to do a value bet of 1/4u on Joe Gacy Won’t be too upset if I’m wrong though.

Finally we have Cameron Grimes vs Duke Hudson. A pure coinflip. Old school booking would have Grimes go over here. I’ve went back and forth on this one and I honestly can’t decide. With rumours of Grimes wanting to have a clean cut look – and I mean it really looks like he is moving towards that anyway – I’ll risk 1/4u on Drake Hudson. More a guess than anything else though.

Where To Bet NXT Wargames:

You can bet it at BetOnline.

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