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The hottest wrestling news of the storyline is the return of unique rosters to the Raw and Smackdown shows. The brand split (which WWE corporate speak doesn’t like the sound of) will be done via a draft of some sort. There have been eight drafts in WWE history and there have been a few different ways of doing things.

The first draft was done like any draft you would see in professional sports. The General Managers of each brand selected wrestlers to fill out their roster. For a trivia note, The Rock was the first ever draft pick and the Undertaker was the second. This is how most expect this draft to go down, but nobody knows for sure.

WWE also held a “draft lottery” where each brand would get a pick, but the wrestlers who moved brands were selected at random with no control from the general managers. This could be an interesting way for the WWE do the draft as it could allow them to keep groups like the Wyatt Family or the New Day together. WWE also held a draft using the random selections, but the picks were granted based on the results of inter promotional matches.

We won’t know until the WWE announces how exactly this whole show will go down, but we do know that we can bet on it! The betting lines are simple “who gets draft first odds?” Not who is the #1 pick, but will Wrestler A or Wrestler B get picked first. We have these odds and analysis below.

Drafted First: Roman Reigns (1/10) or Dean Ambrose 19/4

Not great betting odds here as it’s pretty hard to believe that Dean Ambrose will be picked before the guy who currently holds the WWE Championship. The only way I can see Ambrose having any value here is if the WWE goes to the random lottery for picks and at this point it’s hard to see evidence that they will do so.

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Drafted First: Roman Reigns (1/2) or Seth Rollins (7/5)

This one is interesting because there is a big WWE title match coming up at Money in the Bank. It’s hard to imagine Roman Reigns losing it at this point in his title reign, but if there is anyone who could do it that person is probably Seth Rollins. The smart money is probably still on Roman here, but if Rollins ends up champ at some point between now and the draft you have to think he’d be the top pick.

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Drafted First: Seth Rollins (1/7) or Dean Ambrose (15/4)

Poor Dean. He’s probably not going to be drafted here either. Unless, you can picture the draft going something like Roman, Cena and then whoever picks next wants to get a pop from the crowd by picking another good guy. There is some value for Dean here, but not much.

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Drafted First: Dean Ambrose (5/1) or Roman Reigns (1/2) or Seth Rollins (7/5)

Okay, if you read all the previous paragraphs you know that Roman is the pick here. Unless Rollins is the champion. If you think Roman is going to be the top pick, this is probably your best betting opportunity.

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Drafted First: Roman Reigns (18/25) or John Cena (EVS)

Very tough bet here that I think depends on which brand is picking first. The idea of this seems to be to make Smackdown stronger. Do you do that by giving them the top pick? Or do you do that by giving them John Cena? To be considered, the idea that the champion will wrestle on both brands. If that’s the case, will Roman even be drafted?

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Drafted First: John Cena (17/20) or Seth Rollins (17/20)

Surprisingly even odds here. I’d have to go with Cena as he should be the face of one of these two brands going forward.

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Drafted First: John Cena (2/5) or Randy Orton (7/4)

I could see Randy Orton being used a shock pick, but not over John Cena. Orton is one of WWE’s top stars, but he has definitely reached the point of his career where he’s out of the main storylines. Cena has not.

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Drafted First: AJ Styles (13/20) or Finn Balor (11/10)

Unless Triple H is coming back as the GM and decides to turn one of these brands into NXT, this pick is going to be AJ Styles. He’s going to be the mirror opposite of Seth Rollins on whichever show Seth isn’t on. Top heel, top wrestler. I could see AJ as a top four pick.

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Drafted First: AJ Styles (18/25) or Kevin Owens (EVS)

This is a good one as AJ seems like a top-four pick, but what if Kevin Owens wins the Money in the Bank? That instantly raises his status and makes his perceived value much higher. Plus, if we treat this like a real sports draft he is far younger than AJ Styles and could be a star of your brand for a long time. Worth a look.

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Drafted First: Brock Lesnar (6/5) or Seth Rollins (3/5)

Drafted First: Brock Lesnar (13/10) or Roman Reigns (11/20)

Drafted First: Brock Lesnar (6/5) or John Cena (3/5)

I honestly don’t think we’ll see Brock Lesnar drafted here. He’s just too big of a star and too unique to limit him to brand exclusive opponents. I just don’t see it and this could be the spot to clean up.

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Drafted First: Kevin Owens (2/5) or Sami Zayn (7/4)

You have to think that Owens is the pick here because the entire careers of these two is basically Owens having something to hold over Zayn. Owens got to the main roster first, Owens won a WWE title first and now Owens is drafted first.

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Drafted First: Kevin Owens (13/20) or Bray Wyatt (11/10)

Drafted First: Bray Wyatt (1/2) or Cesaro (7/5)

With Bray Wyatt still out with an injury I could see him not being drafted here and just showing up on one of the shows. It’s really hard to imagine his character being drafted and then shaking hands with the GM and being happy to be a part of the show. I mean, come on.

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Drafted First: Shinsuke Nakamura (EVS) or Finn Balor (18/25)

Shinsuke Nakamura has the most long term potential to be a huge star in WWE, but I think Finn Balor is the play here. Balor has been with the company longer and has the credibility as the longest reigning NXT champion of all-time. Nakamura is still relatively new and while he has a big name, it’s not a name that will shock the average viewer of Monday Night Raw.

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Drafted First: Samoa Joe (17/20) or Finn Balor (17/20)

This one all depends on who the NXT champion is because I think whoever has the title in NXT is going to have to stay down a little bit longer. Who that should be is a really tough question. Samoa Joe has the name and the credibility to challenge anyone in WWE right now, but Finn Balor is one of the best wrestlers on the planet and has more than paid his dues in WWE. Just a guy call, but sadly for Finn I think this is Samoa Joe’s time and he’ll have a big match at SummerSlam this year.

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Drafted First: Samoa Joe (11/10) or Shinsuke Nakamura (13/20)

Same as I said in Finn Balor vs. Nakamura, I just don’t think Nakamura has established himself enough in NXT to get the call.

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Current Wrestling Betting Odds:

Event:Match:Odds: Where To Bet:
NXT TakeoverAll the MatchesNight 1 & 2BetOnline
WrestlemaniaRoman Reigns vs Edge vs BryanEdge +115 Reigns +175 Bryan +300BetOnline
WrestlemaniaBobby Lashley vs Drew McIntyreLashley -+150 Drew -215BetOnline
WrestlemaniaBraun Strowman vs Shane McMahonBraun -295 Shane +300BetOnline
WrestlemaniaBad Bunny & Priest vs The Miz & JoMoTeam Bad Bunny -950 Team Miz +800BetOnline
WrestlemaniaBianca Belair vs Sasha Banks Bianca -400 Sasha +350BetOnline
WrestlemaniaRiddle vs SheamusRiddle -118 Sheamus +120BetOnline
WrestlemaniaBig E vs Apollo CrewsBig E +100 Apollo Crews -118BetOnline
WrestlemaniaThe Fiend vs Randy OrtonThe Fiend -950 Orton +800BetOnline
WrestlemaniaCesaro vs Seth RollinsCesaro -250 vs Seth +200BetOnline
WrestlemaniaKevin Owens vs Sami ZaynOwens -350 Zayn +250BetOnline
WrestlemaniaRey & Dom vs Dolph & RoodeMysterios -300 Dolph/Roode +200BetOnline
WrestlemaniaAJ Styles/Omo vs The New DayAJ/Omo -400 New Day +250BetOnline
WrestlemaniaRhea Ripley vs AsukaRhea -400 Asulka +250BetOnline
WrestlemaniaTag Team Turmoil WinnersTag Team Turmoil Winners -215 vs Shayna/Nia +150BetOnline
Note: Not all bets may be available at BetOnline but they are only choice for Americans.

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