WWE Battleground 2017 Betting Tips

avatar Written By Graeme on July 20, 2017  

This Sunday, July 23rd will be WWE Battleground. I’ll actually be celebrating my 15th wedding anniversary on that date. Haven’t told my wife yet that we’ll be spending the evening watching a Punjabi Prison match.

It was a very interesting time last time out. The smart money came in early for WWE Great Balls of Fire, and at that point I recommended you all bet every underdog. One would be break even and Two wins would get us all money.

Well we got that with both Bray Wyatt at 5.00 and Sasha Banks at 7.00 winning. So that was great to see.

So first the big question I always get is where to bet this months WWE event. Here’s the online sportsbooks that cover it that should accomodate your region:

Where To Bet WWE Battleground:

These sportsbooks accept Americans. Note many won't have odds up until 3-4 days before each PPV.

Rank: Sportsbook: How: Bonus:
1 5Dimes "Wrestling" category under "Other Sports". Best odds, up to $520 free.
2 Bovada Click "All Sports" in sidebar then "Wrestling". $250 Free.

We recommend 5Dimes the most due to better odds, and they cover all WWE events. (Bovada usually only have Mania, Rumble although you can click and see)

WWE Battleground Betting Odds:

Here are the betting odds:

  • John Cena (-900) vs Rusev (+500)
  • Jinder Mahal (-400) vs Randy Orton (+250)
  • Shinsuke Nakamura (-250) vs Baron Corbin (+175)
  • AJ Styles (-300) vs Kevin Owens (+185)
  • Mike Kanellis (-140) vs Sami Zayn (+100)
  • Tye Dillinger (-200) vs Aiden English (+150)

North Americans – you can bet at 5Dimes – odds not there yet but will be soon.

Everyone else – these odds are from Paddy Power – You Can Bet There Right Now.

WWE Battleground Betting Tips:

This is a very interesting PPV because Summerslam isn’t set in stone – hell just the opposite. Even the main event from RAW isn’t set yet.

John Cena (-900) vs Rusev (+500): Can’t see anything other than a Cena win but yeah I’m not gonna be advising you bet that at -900. Those odds are just too high especially because it’s Cena – he doesn’t need the win. And if he’s programmed with Rusev for longer(doubtful) he usually puts the other guy over first.

Jinder Mahal (-400) vs Randy Orton (+250): I’d expect Mahal to be going to India in September with the title. Surely he can’t fight Orton at Summerslam again – this has to be the blow off. Possibly Cena next? Its very high odds but I’m personally fine with risking a unit on Mahal to win. Your call if you want to do that though – not exactly a tip just letting you know my thoughts.

Shinsuke Nakamura (-250) vs Baron Corbin (+175) This is a tough one. When I saw the odds I initially wanted to tip Corbin. I just think Vince loves him and a win here seems natural. Then I thought of potential Summerslam booking. If it’s going to be Nakamura vs AJ Styles as is rumoured then Nakamura has to go in strong. No bet here.

AJ Styles (-300) vs Kevin Owens (+185) Seems like an AJ win but unlike Jinder I’m not a fan of the odds. That house show title change – I’ve seen those before and it’s just a hotshot title change so I can’t back that.

Mike Kanellis (-140) vs Sami Zayn (+100) Kanellis is a solid price. Sami got those wins over Baron which I think was Corbin paying the dues – same could happen here. However I am very very conflicted. I just can’t advise one.

Tye Dillinger (-200) vs Aiden English (+150): Both guys need the win but I have faith in WWE wanting to do more with Tye than they do Aiden. Half unit bet on Tye.

Current Wrestling Betting Odds:

Event:Match:Where To Bet:
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