WWE Extreme Rules 2013 Betting Tips

avatar Written By Graeme on May 16, 2013  

Wrestlemania is over, but the WWE machine keeps on rolling as Extreme Rules is coming to us on pay-per-view. Over the years this has become known as the “Wrestlemania rematch” show and this show is no exception. Brock Lesnar and Triple H headline the show in a rematch of their Wrestlemania match in what seems like a foregone conclusion. There are also rematches wtih Chris Jericho and Fandango and Alberto Del Rio and Jack Swagger.

The bad thing about the rematch show is that many matches seem like foregone conclusions. Some people get their wins back, some people solidify their places, but it never feels like a big surprise. It never feels as exciting as it did at Wrestlemania and the betting odds seem to reflect this.

That being said, this is still WWE where anything can happen and there is still some value out there. This could be a great card and let’s see if we can make some money.

Extreme Rules 2013 Betting Odds:

  • Randy Orton (-450) vs. Big Show (+275)
  • Alberto Del Rio (-600) vs. Jack Swagger (+350)
  • Chris Jericho (-700) vs Fandango (+400)
  • Brock Lesnar (-1000) vs Triple H (+500)
  • Mark Henry (-250) vs Sheamus (+175)
  • The Shield (-1600) vs Team Hell No (+600)
  • Kofi Kingston (+850) vs Dean Ambrose (-2500)
  • John Cena (-1000) vs Ryback (+450)

All odds are taken from http://www.5Dimes.com.

Extreme Rules 2013 Betting Tips & Analysis:

As you can see bookmakers aren’t taking any chances with this one. Let’s take a closer look and see if we can find some value to make some money.

Randy Orton (-450) vs. Big Show (+275): An interesting line here as I thought for sure Big Show would be favorited. While Orton is the closest thing to Randy Orton on the WWE roster these days, a win here seems a little too obvious on a show with a lot of obvious wins. These two have wrestled a lot over the years and with Big Show being a freshly minted bad guy it seems like it’s his turn to get a win. Bet Big Show.

Alberto Del Rio (-600) vs. Jack Swagger (+350): The Mexican hero of WWE has arrived and he’s defeating racist wrestlers from Oklahoma. Of all of the big favorites on this show Alberto Del Rio is the slightest so that makes him worth betting in my book. The odds aren’t ideal, but WWE is going to give up on this Mexican hero thing for a long time. Bet on Del Rio.

Chris Jericho (-700) vs Fandango (+400): I was pretty surprised to see Chris Jericho lose to someone like Fandango at Wrestlemania and based on these odds WWE realized their mistake. Skipping it.

Brock Lesnar (-1000) vs Triple H (+500): Hell hath no fury like Triple H’s ego. Of course he won at Wrestlemania when the whole world was watching. Just like he’ll lose here when the whole world isn’t. Say what you want about him, the man is a genius.

Mark Henry (-250) vs Sheamus (+175): This one surprises me as I feel like Sheamus never loses in singles matches. Plus, he’s young and up-and-coming while Mark Henry is nearing retirement. Feels like a gift to be able to bet Sheamus here.

The Shield (-1600) vs Team Hell No (+600): The Shield is taking over WWE and based on these odds there is nothing Daniel Bryan and Kane can do about it.

Dean Ambrose (-2500) vs Kofi Kingston (+850): Or Kofi Kingston for that matter.

John Cena (-1000) vs Ryback (+450): John Cena just defeated The Rock. Do you really think he’s going to turn around and lose to Ryback? Didn’t think so.

Extreme Rules 2013 Betting Picks:

While bookmakers didn’t give us a lot to work with, they did leave us a small window in which we can make money. Here are those picks:

  1. Big Show
  2. Alberto Del Rio
  3. Sheamus

You can bet the WWE at http://www.5Dimes.com.

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