WWE Extreme Rules 2014 Betting Tips

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Wrestlemania is over and the stage is set for the rest of the WWE year. Daniel Bryan is the champion, The Shield is killing everyone and Cesaro is a Paul Heyman Guy. It’s a new day in WWE and it is a pretty exciting time to be a fan. WWE is coming back to pay-per-view (or WWE Network) with Extreme Rules from New Jersey on May 4th and it looks to be a good one coming off of WWE’s biggest event.

The show is headlined by two matches: Daniel Bryan vs. Kane and the Shield vs. Evolution. Daniel Bryan is a huge favorite, but the Sheild vs. Evolution match is very intriguing. Evolution, in their first match together in years, is a heavy favorite against the hottest trio in WWE history The Shield. This should be a great match and I could easily see an upset here.

The undercard features some strong matches as well including the new Paul Heyman Guy Cesaro in a three way match with Rob Van Dam and Jack Swagger, Bad News Barrett challenging for the Intercontinental title and Bray Wyatt vs. John Cena. Let’s take a look at the betting odds for this event:

Extreme Rules 2014 Betting Odds:

  • Daniel Bryan -(600) vs Kane (+350)
  • Evolution (-300) vs The Shield (+200)
  • Paige (-1000) vs Tamina (+500)
  • Cesaro (-500) vs RVD (+600) vs Jack Swagger (+450)
  • Rusev (-1800) vs R-Truth & Xavier Woods (+650)
  • Bad News Barrett (-700) vs Big E (+400)
  • Bray Wyatt (-200) vs John Cena (+150)
  • Torito (-300) vs Hornswoggle (+200)

All odds are taken from http://www.5Dimes.com.

As you can see there are some massive favorites on this card, but not all of them are as much of a lock as the bookmakers think they are. Our analysis of the Extreme Rules lines and betting tips are as follows:

Extreme Rules 2014 Betting Tips & Analysis:

Daniel Bryan -(600) vs Kane (+350): Possibly the most obvious WWE main event in a long time, Daniel Bryan has to win here. He just has to.
Evolution (-300) vs The Shield (+200): This line is a bit of a surprise to me as I felt it would be a lot closer. The Shield has been running through every team put in their way and have been better than ever since their near break-up before Wrestlemania. While the novelty of Evolution reuniting is cool, I think WWE is more focused on the future now and the Shield is that future. In more ways than one. Believe in the Shield, Bet on the Shield.

Paige (-1000) vs Tamina (+500): This one may be more of a lock than Daniel Bryan winning. With AJ gone, Paige may be the only WWE diva that matters. Expect a long reign for the Brit.

Cesaro (-500) vs RVD (+600) vs Jack Swagger (+450): The newest member of the exclusive group of Paul Heyman Guys is Cesaro and he is a big favorite here. It makes sense as he won the inaugural Andre The Giant Battle Royale at Wrestlemania and is set for big things going forward. That being said, there is a lot of story left to be told in his feud with his former tag team partner Jack Swagger and I could easily see him getting an upset win to further the feud. Bet Jack Swagger, but cross your fingers.

Rusev (-1800) vs R-Truth & Xavier Woods (+650): When WWE wants to push a new star, they really push him. That is Rusev here and his reign of terror should run right through these two. Especially considering R-Truth hasn’t won a match on pay-per-view since… ever?

Bad News Barrett (-700) vs Big E (+400): It’s always strange to see a champion as a big underdog coming into a match, but the Intercontinental title is another story. The title is practically cursed as the holder of the belt is constantly losing. Expect another loss for the champion here as Barrett has some bad news for him, he’s going to win the title.

Bray Wyatt (-200) vs John Cena (+150): John Cena showed Bray Wyatt at Wrestlemania who the real superstar or WWE is and Bray Wyatt has been scrambling ever since. The story was built up well, but John Cena did what he always does and easily won the match. Will that happen again here? I don’t think so. Bray Wyatt is a big part of the future of WWE and he really needs another win here to regain some momentum. Lay the juice and bet on Wyatt with Wyatt family help.

Torito (-300) vs Hornswoggle (+200): The first ever WeeLC match which is just a regular TLC match with midgets. That’s not offensive to little people at all. El Torito should win this one, I guess. It’s not like they are building a long feud with these two or anything.

Extreme Rules 2014 Betting Picks:

There is some interesting matches on this card, but only a few worth betting on. Our top picks for this event are:

  1. The Shield
  2. Jack Swagger
  3. Bray Wyatt

You can bet the WWE at http://www.5Dimes.com.

Current Wrestling Betting Odds:

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WrestlemaniaBig E vs Apollo CrewsBig E +100 Apollo Crews -118BetOnline
WrestlemaniaThe Fiend vs Randy OrtonThe Fiend -950 Orton +800BetOnline
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WrestlemaniaKevin Owens vs Sami ZaynOwens -350 Zayn +250BetOnline
WrestlemaniaRey & Dom vs Dolph & RoodeMysterios -300 Dolph/Roode +200BetOnline
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WrestlemaniaRhea Ripley vs AsukaRhea -400 Asulka +250BetOnline
WrestlemaniaTag Team Turmoil WinnersTag Team Turmoil Winners -215 vs Shayna/Nia +150BetOnline
Note: Not all bets may be available at BetOnline but they are only choice for Americans.

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