WWE Extreme Rules 2016 Betting Tips & Odds

avatar Written By Graeme on May 14, 2016  

This weekend sees WWE Extreme Rules 2016 occur, headlined by Roman Reigns vs AJ Styles in a rematch after their Payback battle.

Last years Extreme Rules saw two underdogs win – Dolph Ziggler beating Sheamus which we correctly called at +175 odds, and the New Day defeating Kidd/Cesaro at +155. The year before saw only the one underdog win with The Shield defeating Evolution – and again we called that one. The year before that saw Sheamus beat Mark Henry in the only underdog win on the show – and we called that one as well!

Historically though it shows that underdog wins are probably going to happen here, but there will be no more than 1-2.

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Let’s check out the odds:

WWE Extreme Rules 2016 Betting Odds:

  • Roman Reigns (-1050) vs AJ Styles (+550)
  • The New Day (-380) vs The Vaudevillains (+260)
  • Charlotte(-840) vs Natalya (+480)
  • Rusev (-350) vs Kalisto (+250)
  • The Miz (+140) vs Cesaro (+100) vs Kevin Owens(+800) vs Sami Zayn (+1000)
  • Dean Ambrose (-455) vs Chris Jericho (+315)

All odds are taken from http://www.5Dimes.com.

WWE Extreme Rules 2016 Betting Tips & Analysis:

As of this writing it’s too early to do any betting tips yet. Based on the odds above the only potential ones are Rusev and the Vaudevillains.

We’re not locking in any bets at the moment however. We’ll wait for this weeks TV shows to take place as well as the Wrestling Observer newsletter to come out so we can see if there are any tidbits from that to help us.

The WWE Extreme Rules Betting Tips will be up Thursday, May 19th 2016 around 2pm EST. So come back then.

WWE Extreme Rules 2016 Betting Picks:

Roman Reigns (-1050) vs AJ Styles (+550): Roman Reigns opened as a -600 favourite and has drifted to -1050. AJ Styles opened at +400 and is now +550 but I just can’t see any sort of world where AJ Styles wins. I’d be ignoreing this one completely.

The New Day (-380) vs The Vaudevillains (+260): Last week Iw as debating the Vaudevillains with the potential of a screwjob finish. However despite moving from their opening line of +185 to +260 I can’t see it. If anything I am upset at not betting the New Day when they opened at -265. It looks like Gallows and Anderson will be a straight-up heel team and a feud with the New Day would seem to work out well for them. Vaudevillains too can feud with Cass.

Charlotte(-840) vs Natalya (+480): I just can’t see Natalya winning enough to justify this bet. I still believe Charlotte will hold the title until Summerslam when hopefully the backstage politics have simmered down and she loses the title.

Rusev (-350) vs Kalisto (+250): I said last week I’d be getting on Rusev at -270 and I did. At -350 I just can’t see any value on him there as that’s a very high price and Kalisto has dodged quite a few bullets already. Avoid.

The Miz (+140) vs Cesaro (+100) vs Kevin Owens(+800) vs Sami Zayn (+1000) I think there’s a good chance that the Miz will retain. With the title and his valet he has been excellent and as much as I love Cesaro and he’s also been great – word I’m hearing is the Miz will walk out of this one as the champion.

Dean Ambrose (-455) vs Chris Jericho (+315) It’s tough sometimes because there’s not many betting opportunities some PPVs and I want to bet! However I have sat here for awhile trying to convince myself to recommend a bet on Chris Jericho and I can’t.

You can bet the WWE at http://www.5Dimes.com. The Miz is my lone bet for this event at a full unit.

And remember to check out my NXT Trivia App and share with your friends!

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