WWE Extreme Rules 2019 Betting Tips

avatar Written By Graeme on July 12, 2019  

WWE Extreme Rules 2019 takes place this weekend.

It’s not the only show that is taking place this weekend of course. We’ve got AEW Fight for the Fallen, New Japan and Evolve. It’s a hell of a great weekend for us wrestling fans. One of those weekends that make you feel bad for people who aren’t wrestling fans.

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I will be covering the less interesting show which is WWE Extreme Rules. Actually I shouldn’t say that. On paper, this has the possibility of being an excellent card. That whole new “no commercials during matches” directive by WWE has me looking forward to this one, knowing that Richochet and AJ Styles could actually get time to work.

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So let’s get on with the WWE Extreme Rules 2019 Betting Tips:

WWE Extreme Rules 2019 Betting Odds:

  • Rollins/Lynch (-475) vs Corbin/Evans (+325)
  • Reigns/Undertaker (-335) vs Drew McIntyre/Shane McMahon (+245)
  • Kofi Kingston (-380) vs Samoa Joe (+260)
  • Bayley (-225) vs Alexa Bliss/Nikki Cross (+168)
  • Drew Gulak (-320) vs Tony Nese (+240)
  • Bryan/Rowan (-125) vs Heavy Machinery (+225) vs The New Day (+310)
  • Aleister Black (-625) vs Cesaro (+350)
  • Strowman (-177) vs Bobby Lashley (+125)
  • The Revival (-177) vs The Usos (+125)
  • Richochet (-167) vs AJ Styles (+120)

All odds are taken from http://www.5Dimes.com.

WWE Extreme Rules 2019 Betting Tips & Analysis:

Rollins/Lynch (-475) vs Corbin/Evans (+325): Heyman has apparently promised Brock will be here – whether to cash in or not I don’t know. However when it comes to any match where a team is favoured heavily I ask “Does it make storyline sense for them to lose?”. In this one yes it does. They’ve really been pushing the Rollins/Lynch story so heavy I could see them losing to cause drama. I don’t think they have a problem with Lacey as champion. Corbin? Yeah that wouldn’t be good but then you have the Brock cash-in. I’m good with 1/4u on Corbin/Evans.

Reigns/Undertaker (-335) vs Drew McIntyre/Shane McMahon (+245): Honestly I really want to back Drew/Shane here. While it’s hard to imagine Reigns/Taker losing, you have to assume it’s leading to something at Summerslam and they may want to keep it going strong. However it’s extremely hard to see Reigns/Taker losing and the odds just don’t make it worth it honestly.

Kofi Kingston (-380) vs Samoa Joe (+260): If there’s anyone who should be WWE Champion it’s Samoa Joe. I love the guy so much. Always have. I’ll be rooting for him here. But I just can’t bet on him.

Bayley (-225) vs Alexa Bliss/Nikki Cross (+168): WWE loves to tease the co-champion thing and then never go through with it. However this is one of those angles where it actually looks like it could be quite bloody entertaining. This could all be leading to Sasha but I’m fine with 1/4u on Bliss/Cross.

Drew Gulak (-320) vs Tony Nese (+240): Can’t ese Gulak losing as he just won the title. No bet.

Bryan/Rowan (-125) vs Heavy Machinery (+225) vs The New Day (+310): Very tempting to back any of these three. However I don’t think they want to upset anything with Bischoff coming in. I’ll go with 1/2u on Bryan/Rowan.

Aleister Black (-625) vs Cesaro (+350): Would be stunned if Black doesn’t win. No bet.

Strowman (-177) vs Bobby Lashley (+125): Strowman has shown he can lose and still remain strong as a character. WWE meanwhile seem to be pushing Lashley for real. Of course it’s WWE but Strowman can afford the loss. 1/2u on Lashley to win.

The Revival (-177) vs The Usos (+125): This should be an interesting match. I think WWE go with the “safety” pick here. The Usos win – 1/4u.

Richochet (-167) vs AJ Styles (+120): WWE just put the title on Richochet. In saying that we have the Club now and AJ winning the title here would help legitimize them. It’s so tough to guess what is happening with Heyman apparently in charge now. Throws a lot of stuff up in the air. Odds just don’t make it worth the underdog risk.

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