WWE Live at Madison Square Garden Betting Tips

avatar Written By Graeme on October 3, 2015  

This Saturday night, WWE comes live to us from Madison Square Garden – a network special house show that we can bet on.

It’s quite a stacked card with Brock Lesnar wrestling the Big Show. John Cena also puts his United States Championship on the line against Seth Rollins, and Chris Jericho celebrates his big anniversary wrestling as he takes on Kevin Owens.

It’s looking to be a pretty fun card. Orton is taking on Sheamus as well and The New Day vs Dudley Boyz is for the WWE Tag Team Championships.

Let’s check out the odds:

WWE Live From MSG Betting Odds:

  • John Cena (-1350) vs Seth Rollins (+650)
  • Rusev (-230) vs Dolph Ziggler (+170)
  • Kevin Owens (-2000) vs Chris Jericho (+1000)
  • The New Day (-120) vs The Dudley Boyz (-120)
  • Brock Lesnar (-17500) vs The Big Show (+4500)
  • Randy Orton (-270) vs Sheamus (+190)

All odds are taken from http://www.5Dimes.com.

WWE Live From MSG Betting Tips & Analysis:

The one thing that is interesting is how WWE treat this show – is it going to be more of a PPV type event? Or it is a glorified house show? Going to be very interesting. The odds don’t present much in the way of betting tips but let’s see what we got:

John Cena (-1350) vs Seth Rollins (+650) Cena beat Rollins last night in Trenton and we expect the exact same result here. However -1250 odds? No freaking thanks. Even though it’s a sure thing and he’ll win – we’re not going to risk all those units.

Rusev (-230) vs Dolph Ziggler (+170) Easy bet on Ziggler here. It’s a house show and the faces normally go over. On top of that Ziggler won in Trenton last night. At worst we’d say this is a 50/50 call and so with Ziggler +170 we’ll take him here.

Kevin Owens (-2000) vs Chris Jericho (+1000) With it being Jerichos anniversary show – it’s possible he could sneak a win via DQ. Enough to warrant a quarter unit bet on Jericho at those odds.

The New Day (-120) vs The Dudley Boyz (-120) There’s rumours that the Dudley Boyz will win the titles here. We’d love to see it. It would be huge for the network. The New Day did win at the house show last night which is concerning. We think WWE will pull the trigger though and we’ll take the Dudley Boyz to win.

Brock Lesnar (-17500) vs The Big Show (+4500) Yeah. Not touching this.

Randy Orton (-270) vs Sheamus (+190) These two didn’t fight in Trenton. Sheamus beat Cesaro. But again – faces usually go over. We’d go with Orton but the odds are iffy. We’ll stay away but we don’t blame you if you take Orton.

WWE Live From MSG Betting Picks:

  1. Dolph Ziggler +170
  2. Chris Jericho +1000 Quarter Unit
  3. The Dudley Boyz -120

You can bet the WWE at http://www.5Dimes.com.

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