WWE Money in the Bank 2020 Betting Tips

avatar Written By Graeme on May 8, 2020  

WWE Money in the Bank 2020 takes place this Sunday, May 10th.

There is a lot more interest in this one than usual. Over the last few years, I’ve seen general apathy towards WWE Money in the Bank. It just feels like a “crutch” in regard to booking and while the matches themselves are generally fun, it means months and months of teased cash-ins etc.

However that’s all different with this one. Following the success and overwhelmingly positive reaction from the Undertaker vs AJ Styles mini-movie from Wrestlemania, it is expected that this years Money in the Bank match is going to follow the same course.

They have announced that both the mens and womens matches will take place at the same time, and that you have to work your way from WWE HQ all the way up to the roof of the tower to get the briefcase.

Sounds fun.

Let’s check out the odds:

WWE Money in The Bank Betting Odds:

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  • Mens Money in the Bank Match: AJ Styles (-125) vs Aleister Black (+200) vs Otis (+400) vs Daniel Bryan (+600) vs Baron Corbin (+800) vs Rey Mysterio (+1200)
  • Womens Money in the Bank Match: Shayna Baszler (-150) vs Nia Jax (+300) vs Lacey Evans (+400) vs Asuka (+600) vs Dana Brooke (+700) vs Carmella (+1000)
  • Smackdown Tag Team Championship: The New Day (+100) vs John Morrison/The Miz (+125) vs The Forgotten Sons (+250) vs The Lucha House Party (+2200)
  • WWE Title:Drew McIntyre (-700) vs Seth Rollins (+400)
  • WWE Title: Braun Strowman (-130) vs Bray Wyatt (-110)
  • WWE Womens Title: Bayley (-500) vs Tamina (+300)

WWE Money in the Bank Betting Tips & Analysis:

If you’re American, bet WWE at BetOnline. For everyone else, bet at 888 Sports due to their prop bets available.

As I am in Canada, I will be placing my bets at 888 Sports. Let’s first analyze the matches:

Mens Money in the Bank: AJ Styles has emerged as a heavy favourite in this one due to his return. I get why. Many people are looking at Drew as a face, and he is the strongest heel in this one. However I could make arguments for the others no problem. Aleister Black winning would just be a continuation of the strong push he has been getting. Otis is hot right now so he would be a unique choice. In terms of how the briefcase winner usually goes – Baron Corbin winning is worth a shout too. Of course he won it in 2017. I think Aleister Black is a solid value play at that price however I also like Otis and Corbin. I am going to do 1u on anyone but AJ at 1.95 odds

Womens Money in the Bank: Shayna is the favourite here. Nia Jax has been given a strong push however following Wrestlemania with wins over Deonna Purrazzo and Kairi Sane twice. Shayna has been similar with wins over Indi Hartwell and Sarah Logan but I mean they just did Shayna vs Becky and I don’t know if they would go to it again. I recall Nia having some good chemistry with Becky. On top o fthat, Becky is big right now in the world outside of wrestling and I don’t believe they will take the title off her so I don’t think they would waste Shayna on that. 1/2u on anyone other than Shayna as you have to factor in Asuka, another marketable woman in the WWE.

In addition I will bet 1/2u on cash-in to be done on weekly TV show for both cash-ins. It’s 5.00 odds for the women, 3.50 for the guys, and I feel like the first ever show with a crowd will see a cash-in.

Smackdown Tag Team Championship: They’re just passing around the titles for fun right now. I’ve got to think the story is Miz/Morrison unable to get their titles back. They lost them in a singles match. Now they lose them here after doing what should be required for the pin. Sadly we can’t bet “anyone but New Day”. I am going to do 1/4u on Lucha House Party. They’re actually 23.00 odds at 888 so I’m fine with that.

Drew vs Seth: Drew has to go over I think. Of course there can be shenanigans but not enough to bet on Seth.

Strowman vs Wyatt: The Fiend is “over” again thanks to his match with Cena. From what I understand it is Bray fighting, not The Fiend. Of course there would be a trick in there with The Fiend showing up or something. It’s just hard to see them taking it off Strowman right now. 1/4u on Strowman.

Bayley vs Tamina: They have did a decent enough job building Tamina up however I don’t think she’ll take this one.

If you’re American, bet WWE at BetOnline. For everyone else, bet at 888 Sports due to their prop bets available.

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