WWE Money in the Bank 2021 Betting Tips

avatar Written By Graeme on July 17, 2021  

I hope everyone enjoyed WWE Smackdown in front of a live crowd last night.

That crowd was electric. That pop for Edge was beyond magnificent. As was the Vince promo – just amazing.

Tonight we’ve got Impact Slammiversary. Alas, we can’t bet on that but it should be a fun show. Josh Alexander is one of my favourite wrestlers in the business right now.

Tomorrow we have WWE Money in the Bank and I’m going to do the betting tips here.

First, let’s get to the betting odds:

WWE Money in the Bank Betting Odds:

  • Bobby Lashley (-835) vs Kofi Kingston (+700)
  • Mens MITB: Big E (+175) vs Seth Rollins (+400) vs Drew McIntyre (+600) vs Riddle (+350) vs Kevin Owens (+1000) vs Shinsuke Nakamura (+2000) vs Ricochet (+2500) vs John Morrison (+3300)
  • Rhea Ripley (-134) vs Charlotte Flair (+100)
  • Roman Reigns (-500) vs Edge (+350)
  • Rey & Dominik (-177) vs The Usos (+150)
  • AJ Styles & Omos (-400) vs The Viking Raiders (+250)
  • Womens MITB: Alexa Bliss (+190) vs Liv Morgan (+350) vs Nikki Cross(+400) vs Zelina Vega (+1000) vs Asuka (+600) vs Naomi (+1200) vs Natalya (+2200) vs Tamina (+2200)

WWE Money in the Bank Betting Tips:

Bobby Lashley vs Kofi Kingston:

Not really much to say here. With Lashley rumoured to be going up against Goldberg at Summerslam, they’ll want to keep Lashley strong here. So it’s hard to see any sort of DQ victory or anything for Kofi. No bet.

Mens Money in the Bank:

If you listened to our podcast then I said at the time, I really liked Seth Rollins to win. I wait until after the final Smackdown prior to writing these tips for a reason though – and this is a good example of it.

Seth stood tall and that makes it look like he actually won’t win.

I think we can rule out Drew. Just seems tired going back to that. Riddle is involved with Orton and should stay that way. That leaves Big E, Nakamura, Richochet, John Morrison and Owens.

I think it’s worth betting the favourite here – especially with the crowd back and getting that pop. 1/2u on Big E.

Rhea Ripley vs Charlotte Flair:

My “always bet on Charlotte” rule won us money last time out. I’m way too conflicted here. With Rhea still looking for her first 1 vs 1 victory over Charlotte it feels like this is the spot for it then they can go onto different things.

Yet I’m not sure that will happen. I mean it IS Charlotte. Personally, I’d like to bet on Rhea here. The pandemic really messed things up for her and I think this is where she can really get going. Yet WWE doesn’t seem to really be pushing her as the strong babyface.

Too conflicted. No bet. Odds are right on. If either drift to +200 I’d bet them.

Roman Reigns vs Edge:

With the pop Edge received at Smackdown, I bet there are some people actually thinking man maybe we should put the title on Edge. Roman is such an awesome character though and with the rumoured fight against Cena – hard to see. Honestly, if Edge was say +500 or +600 I’d consider a small bet on him. But he is not.

Rey & Dominik vs The Usos:

Amazing that Jimmy Uso is still on TV. I’d love to say that they won’t reward them with the tag title belts – but man it would not surprise me at all. I still think Mysterios retain. No bet on this one.

AJ Styles & Omos vs The Viking Raiders:

AJ Styles & Omos should not be losing here. Odds don’t make it worth the bet.

Womens MITB:

A very interesting one. Alexa seems the obvious choice. You can picture them wanting her going to the bring with the briefcase etc. I’d love to see something out of the left field like Nattie winning and even considered it – but with her with the tag titles, that doesn’t really make a lot of sense.

I’ll do a more speculative bet on Liv Morgan +350 1/4u as I feel outside of Alexa, with the hoops she has jumped through she has the best chance.

I won’t be surprised if it’s some silly finish like Liv is at the top, lights go out and when they go on Alexa is at the top or something.

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