WWE Night of Champions 2013 Betting Tips

avatar Written By Graeme on September 13, 2013  

WWE’s Night of Champions is coming our way from the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, Michigan with a show that will feature the return match between Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton. At SummerSlam Daniel Bryan got the emotional win over John Cena to crown himself the new WWE World Heavyweight champion, but moments after his victory he was turned on by Triple H and Randy Orton cashed in the Money in the Bank on him. It was a sad day for his fans and now Daniel Bryan is looking to get his revenge.

This show also features the next chapter in the CM Punk versus Paul Heyman saga as Punk faces Curtis Axel and Paul Heyman in an elimination match. Punk has been looking for revenge on Paul Heyman ever since he turned his back on him at Money in the Bank and this could finally be his chance to get his hands on him. The other top match on the card is Alberto del Rio defending the World Heavyweight title against Rob Van Dam.

There will be other matches announced as we get closer to the event, but make no mistake about it: this is a three match card. Everything after this is filler and these are the matches that bookmakers are focusing on.

Night of Champions Betting Odds:

  • 2-on-1 Handicap Match: CM Punk (-600) vs. Curtis Axel & Paul Heyman (+400)
  • Alberto Del Rio (-350) vs Rob Van Dam (+250)
  • Randy Orton (-600) vs Daniel Bryan (+400)

All odds are taken from http://www.5Dimes.com.

Night of Champions Betting Tips & Analysis:

As I said before this is a three match card so let’s do some in-depth analysis to try and find ourselves some winners.

  • 2-on-1 Handicap Match: CM Punk (-600) vs. Curtis Axel & Paul Heyman (+400):
  • After last month’s loss to Brock Lesnar one would think that CM Punk is a shoo-in for the victory here. On paper that seems true in a 50/50 booking world, but WWE is not a 50/50 booking world. Paul Heyman’s recent addition of Ryback could help swing things in his favor here and keep this feud going through the fall. In a 1vs1 match with Axel I like Punk and in a 2v1 match wtih Axel & Heyman vs. Punk I still like Punk, but not in a 2v1 match that might have interference on top of that. I don’t like Punk’s odds. Bet Axel & Heyman.

  • Alberto Del Rio (-350) vs Rob Van Dam (+250):
  • Rob Van Dam has looked good in his return and gets his shot at the World Heavyweight title here. The fans would love it, but I just can’t imagine it happening. Alberto Del Rio is one of WWE’s chosen ones and I expect him to get the job done here.

  • Randy Orton (-600) vs Daniel Bryan (+400):
  • SummerSlam was a heartbreaker for Daniel Bryan and his fans, but I think WWE struck gold with the storyline. They didn’t quite realize how into Daniel Bryan the fans would be and how upset they would be that he lost. I hate to say this, but he was almost like Stone Cold Steve Austin out there. I’m thinking WWE realizes they may have something here and they decide to run with it. Bet Daniel Bryan, YES YES YES

    Night of Champions Betting Picks:

    What is now a three match card only gives us two strong bets, but if they hit we are in the money. Let’s all chant YES as we place the following bets.

    1. Daniel Bryan
    2. Curtis Axel & Paul Heyman

    You can bet the WWE at http://www.5Dimes.com.

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