WWE No Mercy 2016 Betting Tips

avatar Written By Graeme on October 8, 2016  

Must admit I’m almost getting overwhelmed with all these WWE PPVs. I really shouldn’t complain and it’s something I’ll get used to given time – but early on it just seems non-stop. Of course UFC is practically every Saturday and when there is a Saturday WITHOUT UFC I feel completely lost.

So this week is WWE No Mercy 2016. The first No Mercy PPV on the WWE Calendar since 2008 when Jericho fought HBK in a ladder match. This one takes place in california and it has AJ Styles vs Dean Ambrose vs John Cena for the WWE World Championship in what should be a pretty darn fun match.

Let’s check out the betting odds before we get to the No Mercy Betting Picks:

WWE No Mercy Betting Odds:

  • AJ Styles (-1200) vs Cena or Ambrose (+600)
  • Becky Lynch (-1580) vs Alexa Bliss (+750)
  • The Usos (-310) vs Heath Slater/Rhyno (+230)
  • Dolph Ziggler (-145) vs The Miz (+105)
  • Randy Orton (-165) vs Bray Wyatt (+125)
  • Nikki Bella (-460) vs Carmella (+320)
  • Baron Corbin (-915) vs Jack Swagger (+505)

All odds are taken from http://www.5Dimes.com.

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WWE No Mercy 2016 Betting Tips & Analysis:

AJ Styles (-1200) vs Cena or Ambrose (+600) Just can’t see past AJ here. He’ll most likely pin Ambrose to lead to Cena vs AJ down the road where Cena finally gets that special 16th title. Not worth a bet at those ods.

Becky Lynch (-1580) vs Alexa Bliss (+750): It’s impressive how well WWE have did in building up Alexa Bliss so quickly. 2 months ago if you told me she’d be fighting for the belt I’d shake my head yet here she is. I can’t see her winning here – it feels more like one of those great wrestling matches where she falls short. However the odds make this worth a quarter unit bet on Bliss. She is a huge price and with rumours of Becky being injured are circulating. On top of that Alexa has been so great that WWE might feel confident giving her the ball. I’ll bet a quarter unit here although I’d be very surprised to win this one.

The Usos (-310) vs Heath Slater/Rhyno (+230): The odds seem pretty much on the money here. I believe the Usos will win but I don’t see any value in betting them here.

Dolph Ziggler (-145) vs The Miz (+105): I’ve made you guys AND me so much money by backing the Miz repeatedly over the years – quite a lot of the times over Ziggler. I feel like a broken record these last few months with my Miz recommendations and why he needs the title. I’m going with Miz to win and hopefully Ziggler “retires” and they do something with his character to freshen it up upon return.

Randy Orton (-165) vs Bray Wyatt (+125): Probably the most interesting feud Wyatt has been in in awhile although the mind games do come off a bit blah in 2016. WWE seem happy with Wyatt in his role of not actually really going anywhere PLUS he’s someone they can beat time and time again and he still floats around the upper midcard level. I’ll take Randy Orton winning. It would be a pleasant surprise to lose this one.

Nikki Bella (-460) vs Carmella (+320): Carmella has been getting the better of Nikki throughout this feud. It’s all leading up to this match where Nikki is expected to get revenge by getting the win. It depends how deep they want to go with this feud. If they want to continue to establish Carmella then it’s worth her getting a win here. I’m thinking Carmella is worth a quarter unit bet.

Baron Corbin (-915) vs Jack Swagger (+505): After the surprise win by Jack Swagger on Smackdown, to no surprise Corbin is the favourite for this one in a big way. However that win really helped Swagger and him picking up a second win would get the crowd alive in the pre-show match, as well as be good for him. It’d also be something different from the expected. I think the odds make it favourable on betting a quarter unit on Swagger to win.

WWE No Mercy Betting Picks:

  1. Alexa Bliss: 1/4 unit
  2. The Miz
  3. Randy Orton
  4. Carmella: 1/4 unit
  5. Jack Swagger: 1/4 unit

You can bet the WWE at http://www.5Dimes.com.

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