WWE No Mercy 2017 Betting Tips

avatar Written By Graeme on September 23, 2017  

WWE No Mercy is tomorrow and first I want to apologize I’m late in posting the tips.

Long story short I went to my cottage for the last week of August and the first couple of weeks of September. Internet sucks out there – like worse than 56k – so watching RAW or Smackdown was completely impossible. I had to come into town just to watch Summerslam.

So over the past week I’ve been very busy watching 5 episodes of RAW, 5 episodes of Smackdown, reading all the Observer newsletters, catching up on all the news and gossip and checking in with my own sources for any updates etc.

Due to that I’m just now getting to the tips. I literally just finished this weeks Smackdown 5 minutes ago. Not sure why people were so butt hurt – that Jinder promo wasn’t that bad.

It’s funny as watching 10 shows back to back you’d think would be tough – but it’s been actual good TV! The Reigns vs Cena stuff and Lesnar vs Strowman stuff is awesome and there’s lots of small storylines that have been interesting such as Enzo and the Miz. That promo Miz cut on Enzo – WOW!

WWE No Mercy 2017 Betting Odds:

  • Brock Lesnar (-510) vs Braun Strowman (+340)
  • Roman Reigns (-600) vs John Cena (+400)
  • Ambrose/Rollins (-585) vs Cesaro/Sheamus (+385)
  • Finn Balor (-300) vs Bray Wyatt (+220)
  • Neville (-180) vs Enzo Amore (+140)
  • Jason Jordan (-175) vs The Miz (+135)
  • Alexa Bliss (-120) vs Field (-120)

WWE No Mercy 2017 Betting Tips & Analysis:

Brock Lesnar (-510) vs Braun Strowman (+340): Strowman is worth a 1/2 unit bet in my opinion. There’s the possibility of a change here and Strowman is someone who it’s hard to book to lose right now. Brock losing and then getting a rematch at say the Rumble is where the money is and that’s what Brock is in for.

Meltzer seems convinced they’re still doing Reigns vs Lesnar at Mania. It’s not been said publicly yet but I wouldn’t be completely shocked if it was Cena vs Strowman for Cena winning that key 17th world title.

Roman Reigns (-600) vs John Cena (+400): This is a very tricky one. If these guys are doing more than one match then it’d make sense for Cena to win this one. However when Cena does multiple match feuds he usually loses the first one then comes back and wins. It could be in reverse. Basically I wouldn’t hate a bet for John Cena here but I can’t advise it.

Ambrose/Rollins (-585) vs Cesaro/Sheamus (+385): Yep can’t see Cesaro/Sheamus winning. No bet.

Finn Balor (-300) vs Bray Wyatt (+220): Would be surprised if Bray won. This was the hardest part to watch during my marathon of RAW/Smackdown – those godawful Bray promos.

Neville (-180) vs Enzo Amore (+140): Neville is worth a unit bet. WWE have no problem jobbing Enzo over and over and over.

Jason Jordan (-175) vs The Miz (+135): Multiple units on The Miz. He’s won me the most money in WWE betting history and I hope to add to that. I just can’t see them taking the title away from him at the moment when he’s over as much as he is. WWE have given Jordan a good push but I don’t see them going this far especially when he’s going after the record. 5 unit bet.

Alexa Bliss (-120) vs Field (-120): They’re clearly going the Jax vs Bliss route. It makes more sense for Bliss to win here and Jax chase her rather than the other way. I’ll do a full unit bet on Bliss.

That’s it for this show. Sorry again about the lateness. Good luck with the betting.

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