WWE Payback 2017 Betting Tips

avatar Written By Graeme on April 28, 2017  

WWE Payback 2017 takes place this Sunday. It features Bayley, in her home town, facing off against Alexa Bliss for the WWE RAW Women’s Championship.

There’s also a couple of Smackdown Superstars taking part in this RAW PPV, as Randy Orton faces off against Bray Wyatt and Kevin Owens goes up against Chris Jericho.

The rumour is that Bayley vs Alexa Bliss is the main event. That makes things quite interesting as it means that one could have a big finish.

First of all the big question – where to bet WWE Payback and how to bet it:

Where To Bet WWE Payback 2017

These sportsbooks accept Americans. Note many won't have odds up until 3-4 days before each PPV.

Rank: Sportsbook: How: Bonus:
1 5Dimes "Wrestling" category under "Other Sports". Best odds, up to $520 free.
2 Bovada Click "All Sports" in sidebar then "Wrestling". $250 Free.

We recommend 5Dimes the most due to better odds, and they cover all WWE events. (Bovada usually only have Mania, Rumble although you can click and see)

WWE Payback 2017 Betting Odds:

Now let’s check out the odds:

  • Kevin Owens (-530) vs Chris Jericho (+350)
  • The Hardy Boyz (-400) vs Cesaro/Sheamus (+280)
  • Bray Wyatt (-175) vs Randy Orton (+135)
  • Austin Aries (-140) vs Neville (+100)
  • Braun Strowman (-380) vs Roman Reigns (+260)
  • Samoa Joe (-110) vs Seth Rollins (-130)
  • Bayley (-115) vs Alexa Bliss (-125)
  • Enzo/Cass (-150) vs Gallows/Anderson (+110)

All odds are taken from http://www.5Dimes.com.

WWE Payback 2017 Betting Tips & Analysis:

Kevin Owens (-530) vs Chris Jericho (+350) Unfortunately Kevin Owens is unbettable at these odds. And while Jericho leaving before has had some surprise results – winning when everyone expected he’d lose – I’d be surprised if he won here. Just can’t see this one being a bet especially with Owens in line for a decent push with his “Face of America” spiel.

The Hardy Boyz (-400) vs Cesaro/Sheamus (+280) This is an interesting one. I haven’t heard anything about future plans for either of these teams. The booking leading into this suggests that I guess the Hardy Boyz would win, Cesaro/Sheamus go to shake their hands then beat them up instead. However the rumours of the Hardyz getting the “Broken” gimmick could affect things. From my own perspective I’d love to see Cesaro/Sheamus win and after the last few weeks of RAW – the Hardy Boyz go to shake their hands only for Cesaro/Sheamus to turn on them. I do think there’s enough questions that it’s worth a small bet. Hardy Boyz can handle the loss. Remember too that the Hardy Boyz getting the titles was a last minute thing.

Bray Wyatt (-175) vs Randy Orton (+135) This is a weird one. He should put over the RAW guy of course however he’s the WWE Champion. I know the title is on the line but it seems weird to see him lose. Bray Wyatt shouldn’t lose in this match for many reasons but considering WWE seem to have no idea what the match will be they clearly aren’t putting enough thought into it. The way I see it is it’s really 50/50 especially with WWE and how they seem to never care about jobbing Wyatt. I’m fine with a quarter unit on Orton.

Austin Aries (-140) vs Neville (+100) My thought process here basically boils down to “its time for Aries to win”. I don’t have much more to back it other than that. I’ll go with half a unit. I mean surely WWE can see how over he is.

Braun Strowman (-380) vs Roman Reigns (+260) I’d think Strowman would win because he’s apparently facing Brock Lesnar next. Makes sense. However WWE have the long term plan for Reigns and no-one expected Reigns to win in February. We bet that and won there and I’m happy with a small bet on Reigns again.

Samoa Joe (-110) vs Seth Rollins (-130) This seems like a real 50/50 one and the odds reflect that. Coming off of Wrestlemania I feel Seth is the one they’ll back the most. He’s been getting more TV time and pushed in key spots. Plus hey he’s got a new finisher to get over! There are rumours that Finn Balor will turn heel but there are also rumours he’ll work with Wyatt after this show so I’m not sure if he will have anything to do with this. I’m really conflicted but think I’ll back Rollins for a half unit.

Bayley (-115) vs Alexa Bliss (-125) Possible main event, in her home town – man, just the perfect time for WWE to book Bayley to lose eh? I’m not sure it’ll happen but man, the booking of Bayley has been a mess so that helps. In my opinion it’s time to get the title off her and rebuild her character. With the WWEs history of people performing in their home town I’m taking Alexa Bliss to win.

Enzo/Cass (-150) vs Gallows/Anderson (+110) Honestly I get the feeling we’re going to see that Enzo/Cass split-up shortly. We know it’s coming and the RAW tag team division doesn’t really need them. I’m fine with 1/2 a unit on the Club.

WWE Payback 2017 Betting Picks:

Here are my final betting picks:

  1. 1/2 unit on Sheamus/Cesaro
  2. 1/4 unit on Randy Orton
  3. 1/2 unit on Austin Aries
  4. 1/4 unit on Roman Reigns
  5. 1/2 unit on Seth Rollins
  6. Alexa Bliss
  7. 1/2 unit on Gallows/Anderson

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