WWE Payback 2020 Betting Tips

avatar Written By Graeme on August 27, 2020  

This Sunday, August 30th will see WWE Payback 2020 take place.

If you are thinking “Wow that’s a bit of a quick turnaround since WWE Summerslam” then you are right.

It is exactly one week since Summerslam took place that Payback will take place. Rather bizarre timing and at first I thought it was stupid.

But you know what? It’s different and I actually dig it. It makes the RAW and Smackdown in between can’t-miss shows and based on the Monday Night RAW ratings – the audience agreed.

WWE Payback Betting Odds:

  • Keith Lee (-118) vs Randy Orton (-118)
  • Bobby Lashley (-295) vs Apollo Crews (+200)
  • Bray Wyatt (-177) vs Roman Reigns (+130) vs Braun Strowman (+850)
  • Shayna/Nia (-139) vs Bayley/Sasha (+100)

WWE Payback Betting Tips:

Keith Lee vs Randy Orton This is one that I went back and forth on. It looks likely that they will do Orton vs McIntyre at the September PPV and I would be shocked if they didn’t.

So you could see Orton winning to build him strong for that. However old school booking sense would have Lee winning to be a competitor for Orton if he wins the title. You also have to factor in that WWE don’t have strong faces except for Drew so giving Lee the win here would be huge.

Then you have shock value plus if you look at how John Cena would be in the same role – he would lose the first match to “put them over” then obliterate them in following matches. This is one I don’t love betting however when you weigh it up there are more reasons to go with Lee than Orton.

If I lose that one though I won’t be shocked at all. If they want to be smart they should have a fluke Lee win similar to Drews win last week. However then you have to factor in that Randy lost to Drew so maybe they want him to be strong. And they can have Lee dominate the match then lose to an RKO out of nowhere “to keep him strong”.

I initially leaned Lee on this one however have decided no bet because thinking back to Dom vs Seth last week – well you know how that ended.

Bobby Lashley vs Apollo Crews They have been building this feud forever and we made some decent bank on it at Summerslam betting Apollo to beat MVP. Now the match is finally here.

I can’t back anything here. Lashley will likely win as they have been building to this. I’m not a fan of odds this high though. If he was -190 I’d probably take it.

Wyatt vs Reigns vs Strowman: Strowman is basically an afterthought here. Is The Fiend just a transition for Roman to get the title? Are retribution involved? I think there is money in Wyatt winning but I hesitate to bet against the Big Dog. If I was betting I’d take Wyatt.

Tag Match: It’d be weird to see Sasha and Bayley lose to this thrown together team yet maybe that is the straw that breaks the camels back? I think they have to lose to Liv and Ruby. They will continue the slow burn of this storyline here. 1u on Bayley/Sasha to win at +100.

Where To Bet WWE Payback:

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  2. Click "Join Now" and register an Account.
  3. The Wrestling section will be located under Other Sports. You just need to expand that section.
  4. Click the odds that you want to bet on, and then it's added to your bet slip.
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