WWE Royal Rumble 2017 Betting Tips

avatar Written By Graeme on January 27, 2017  

Sunday 29 January 2017 is the WWE Royal Rumble 2017. This is the the second biggest event of the year behind Wrestlemania, but probably the most fun event for betting.

With over 40,000 fans expected in San Antonio, Texas you know WWE is going to try to make this a huge show, with Undertaker, Brock Lesnar and Goldberg in the Rumble itself and some possible big surprises as entrants.

Also on the card, John Cena goes for his record tying 16th world title vs AJ Styles and Kevin Owens defends the WWE Universal Title against Roman Reigns.

WWE Royal Rumble 2017 Betting Odds:

  • (-160) John Cena vs AJ Styles (+120)
  • (-150) Roman Reigns vs Kevin Owens (+110)
  • (-330) Charlotte vs Bayley (+220)
  • (-300) Neville vs Rich Swann (+200)
  • (+150) Randy Orton vs Undertaker (+400) vs Goldberg (+450) vs Finn Balor (+500) vs Braun Strowman (+550) vs Samoa Joe (+550)

All odds are taken from http://www.5Dimes.com.

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WWE Royal Rumble 2017 Betting Tips & Analysis:

(+150) Randy Orton vs Undertaker (+400) vs Goldberg (+450) vs Finn Balor (+500) vs Braun Strowman (+550) vs Samoa Joe (+550):

This is one of the more open Rumbles in recent years. With the rumoured Wrestlemania card coming out this week we have a few possibilities. Randy Orton is the current favourite as it is expected he will face Bray Wyatt at Mania, and with the possibility of Wyatt getting a title run in 2017 their match could end up being for the WWE Title. Staying with the Smackdown side, John Cena v Samoa Joe looks set for a match at Wrestlemania, so Joe winning the Rumble is a good chance. On the RAW side, Roman Reigns and the Undertaker are scheduled for Mania and I would expect Reigns to go in as WWE Universal Champion. I don’t think that Goldberg v Lesnar needs the title and Strowman isn’t expected to be in a big Mania match. The other contender could be Finn Balor. It is possible he will be cleared by the doctors to compete on Sunday and after winning the Universal title in his first PPV event, he may win the Rumble in his first appearance.

(-160) John Cena vs AJ Styles (+120):

A lot of people have been expecting Cena to win the title here for the 16th, but as noted in the Rumble match preview Bray Wyatt will be getting a run with the title soon and his match at Wrestlemania will be with Randy Orton. This would mean either Wyatt or Orton winning the title at the February Elimination Chamber event. John Cena’s apparent Mania opponent is Samoa Joe who is expected to debut on Sunday and he may get involved here to cost Cena the match.

(-150) Roman Reigns vs Kevin Owens (+110):

This should be yet another coronation of Roman Reigns, how the Rumble crowd will react to him winning the title here though should be interesting. A title loss here will let Owens move on to an expected Mania feud with Chris Jericho which can be built around the US title.

(-300) Charlotte vs Bayley (+220):

This feud is just kicking off now and really should continue on throughout Mania season, so I can see Charlotte retaining her title via some sort of cheating, perhaps involving Nia Jax to build for future matches.

(-330) Neville vs Rich Swann (+200):

Neville seems to be rejuvenated with his new heel role and this may be the biggest lock of the whole event. A long heel run as champion for Neville looks to begin here

WWE Royal Rumble 2017 Betting Picks:

So, what to bet? I can’t see past Undertaker at the current odds to win the Rumble and go on to challenge for the title at Wrestlemania.

I would then expect him to face Roman Regins who will beat Kevin Owens for the WWE Universal title.

While I don’t think John Cena will win the WWE title, he may win the match via DQ due to interference from a debuting Samoa Joe, so I have to go for him.

Charlotte and Neville both should win, especially Neville but at short odds it may not be worth betting them.

  1. Undertaker to win Royal Rumble +400 1/2 unit
  2. John Cena to beat AJ Styles 8/13
  3. Roman Reigns to beat Kevin Owens 4/6

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