WWE Royal Rumble 2023 Betting Tips

avatar Written By Graeme on January 28, 2023  

Tonight is the WWE Royal Rumble.

Due to time constraints, I was unable to do a podcast for it.

The Royal Rumble is known for usually having the favourite win. Will that happen last year? Since betting odds were revealed in 2013, we have had 15 Royal Rumbles. 11 favourites won, two second favourites won and then we had 2020 which saw two big +500 upsets.

The Mens Royal Rumble has a lot of potential winners. Cody is still the out and out favourite, but we’ve also heard rumours of Steve Austin and The Rock. Then we also have Sami Zayn. It’s going to be an interesting one.

Here are the odds:

WWE Royal Rumble 2023 Odds

  • Roman Reigns (-5000) vs Kevin Owens (+1000)
  • Bray Wyatt (-1000) vs LA Knight (+500)
  • Bianca Belair (-800) vs Alexa Bliss (+400)
  • Mens Top 5 Favourites: Cody -225, Sami +200, The Rock +350, Seth +1200, Stone Cold Steve Austin +1200
  • Womens Top 5 Favourites: Rhea -200, Becky +350, Raquel Rodriguez +650, Bayley +700, Alexa Bliss +750
  • Any Non-WWE to enter? Yes +100, No -140

Odds are from BetOnline who also have props on Ironman and Ironwoman, and Most Eliminations.

WWE Royal Rumble Betting Tips:

First – the singles matches. I expect Roman to win. Not really going out on a limb there. Can’t see any sort of DQ win for Owens or anything – they want Roman to be strong going into Mania.

LA Knight seems to have caught on really well. His odds have also dropped as he was +1000 at one point. If you’re looking for an underdog pick it’s not the worst. Honestly if Knight was +1000 still I would advise a 1/4u bet on it but at +500 I don’t think it’s worth it.

Can’t see Bianca losing.

Onto the Rumbles.

The Mens rumble? Cody is completely unbettable at these odds. I expect him to win. Possibly him vs Sami as the last two men. However I do want one bet for this and I don’t want to back Cody at those odds. So I’m going to go with 1/4u on Sami Zayn at +200. Honestly based on the storylines, they really should pull a curveball and go with that.

The only other one I would consider is Seth Rollins. At +1200, I think he is worth a 1/4u bet as well.

For the Women’s Rumble? Rhea is also unbettable at those odds. Becky is an interesting one as she was meant to win the cage match on RAW. So does that mean she is being booked strong prior to the Rumble? Or because she wasn’t winning, give her that big win.

I do think Rhea wins and dethrones Bianca. It’s needed. So I’m just going to do another “I expect to lose” outside pick which is 1/4u on Raquel Rodriguez.

But honestly for both Rumbles, I expect Cody and Rhea to win. The latter feels like almost a certainty, while the former seems likely. So not really betting tips this time around – more just entertainment bets for the sake of it.

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