WWE Stomping Grounds 2019 Betting Tips

avatar Written By Graeme on June 20, 2019  

WWE’s Stomping Grounds is this Sunday and this card has some real sleeper potential. There are a lot of rematches from WWE’s Super Showdown which should lead us somewhere and there are a few matches on the undercard that could really steal the show. Samoa Joe vs. Ricochet is a real dream match.

As with all the major WWE shows, we have full betting odds and tips. The complete odds for this show are below:

WWE Stomping Grounds Betting Odds:

  • Seth Rollins (-230) vs Baron Corbin (+170)
  • Kofi Kingston (-1260) vs Dolph Ziggler (+620)
  • Samoa Joe (-160) vs Ricochet (+120)
  • Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn (-155) vs Big E & Xavier Woods (+115)
  • Tony Nese (-280) vs Akira Tozawa (+445) vs Drew Gulak (+400)
    Tony Nese (-280) vs. Field (+200)
  • Daniel Bryan & Rowan (-420) vs Heavy Machinery (+300)
  • Becky Lynch (-195) vs Lacey Evans (+155)
  • Bayley (-490) vs Alexa Bliss (+330)
  • Roman Reigns (-175) vs Drew McIntyre (+135)

All odds are taken from http://www.5Dimes.com.

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WWE Stomping Grounds Betting Tips & Analysis:

Seth Rollins (-230) vs Baron Corbin (+170): From a storyline perspective, this is one of the most interesting matches of the night. There will be a special guest referee for this match who will be chosen by Baron Corbin. It’s interesting looking at the top four champions (Becky Lynch, Bayley, Seth Rollins, and Kofi Kingston) and seeing that they all fall on the side of good. That kind of locks WWE into one kind of storytelling so you have to wonder if tonight is the night that one of those four loses. Of those champions, I feel like Rollins is the best bet to lose. The special referee can set up a good reason for him to lose and Baron Corbin is about the most hated man in WWE right now. I won’t enjoy it, but I think that 1/2 unit on Baron Corbin +170.

Kofi Kingston (-1260) vs Dolph Ziggler (+620): This would be the upset of all upsets and I just can’t see it happening. Kofi Kingston is getting a real run here as champion and he’s done very well with it thus far. Dolph Ziggler exists to lose matches like this and while it may be very enjoyable to watch, the result isn’t really in question.

Samoa Joe (-160) vs Ricochet (+120): This match should be a ton of fun. A true dream match that, if it gets the time, will absolutely steal the show. As far as result, I think this one is pretty much up in the air. Samoa Joe is in a great slot right now with that United States championship as he’s able to have great matches and help people get to that next level. Ricochet is definitely a future superstar in this company, but is this really his moment? It feels like he loses here and we somehow get this thing to SummerSlam where he can get the win on the big stage. 1 unit on Samoa Joe -160.

Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn (-155) vs Big E & Xavier Woods (+115) Lost in the shuffle of WWE is this match which has actually been built pretty well. Kevin Owens took Big E’s place in the New Day only to turn against Kofi in order to get a title shot. This put a big target on Kevin Owens’ head from the New Day and he’s recently brought in his old friend Sami Zayn to help in the fight. The result of this match really depends on how much mileage this thing has. I think it has some more left and that Owens & Zayn win here, extending the story another month.

Tony Nese (-280) vs. Field (+200): Akira Tozawa and Drew Gulak on their own don’t look like a great bet to win this one, but I think collectively they have a great chance of unseating Tony Nese here. The Nese run as Cruiserweight champion on 205 Live has been kind of blah. Both of these wrestlers he’s facing here have more personality and stronger characters, while Tozawa has been putting on some of the best matches that nobody is watching on 205 Live. The Nese win at WrestleMania was a nice little story, but it’s time for that to end. 1/4 unit on The Field +200 is a great play here.

Daniel Bryan & Rowan (-420) vs Heavy Machinery (+300): This is a tough one. On the one hand, this is Daniel Bryan and there is no way he is losing to these two guys. On the other hand, this show is in Washington state where Daniel Bryan is a god and WWE has shown time and time again that they really enjoy having hometown heroes lose in their hometown. I’m :thisclose: to taking Heavy Machinery here, but I just can’t do it. Bryan is just too big of a star and Heavy Machinery just has no track record to speak of.

Becky Lynch (-195) vs Lacey Evans (+155): A few months ago, Becky Lynch was the hottest star in wrestling and now she’s wrestling Lacey Evans for the second straight show. This storyline hasn’t really done Becky Lynch any favors and I expect it to end here. Lacey is established now, but I think taking the belt off of Becky would be a mistake. She’ll hold on here.

Bayley (-490) vs Alexa Bliss (+330): This match reminds me of the Rollins and Corbin match in that it’s hard to see the WWE going with all these babyface champions for this long. Bayley has definitely been a hard-luck wrestler during her time in WWE while Bliss has been someone who nearly always has a title around her waist. They are setting up a nice story with Alexa and Nikki Cross as friends and I think that Bliss holding the title could really add to that story. When doing these tips you have to try and put your mind in Vince McMahon’s headspace and he would definitely going with Bliss here. 1/4 unit on Alexa Bliss +330.

Roman Reigns (-175) vs Drew McIntyre (+135): Roman Reigns is coming off of a loss to Shane McMahon so I really hope he wins this one. I don’t really get what they are doing with him right now so I am just going to ignore this one.

WWE Stomping Grounds Betting Picks:

  1. 1/2 unit on Baron Corbin +170
  2. 1 unit on Samoa Joe -160
  3. 1/4 unit on The Field over Tony Nese +200
  4. 1/4 unit on Alexa Bliss +330

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