WWE Survivor Series 2017

avatar Written By Graeme on November 16, 2017  

WWE Survivor Series 2017 takes place this Sunday, November 19th. It’s in Houston, Texas at the Toyota Centre.

It’s going to be a long show which I don’t mind. A lot of people complain about that but I think it’s fun to make it a nice event – a day of hanging out with friends, drinking beer and watching wrestling. What’s so bad about that?

A lot of changes to the card over the last little while. Let’s check out those betting odds before we get into the picks:

WWE Survivor Series Betting Odds:

  • Brock Lesnar (-450) vs AJ Styles (+250)
  • The Miz (-160) vs Baron Corbin (+120)
  • Alexa Bliss (-140) vs Charlotte (+100)
  • The Usos (-225) vs Sheamus/Cesaro (+160)
  • The Shield (-130) vs The New Day (+110)
  • RAW Women (-220) vs Smackdown Women (+150)
  • Smackdown Men (-150) vs RAW Men (+110)

Where To Bet WWE Survivor Series

These sportsbooks accept Americans. Note many won't have odds up until 3-4 days before each PPV.

Rank: Sportsbook: How: Bonus:
1 5Dimes "Wrestling" category under "Other Sports". Best odds, up to $520 free.
2 Bovada Click "All Sports" in sidebar then "Wrestling". $250 Free.

We recommend 5Dimes the most due to better odds, and they cover all WWE events. (Bovada usually only have Mania, Rumble although you can click and see)

WWE Survivor Series Betting Tips & Analysis:

Brock Lesnar (-450) vs AJ Styles (+250): No bet here but if you don’t mind those bridgejumper bets, Lesnar’s a good price right now.

The Miz (-160) vs Baron Corbin (+120) I’ll probably regret this one but I’m going to take Baron Corbin. If you’ve been following this site you’ll know that I’ve made probably 30% of my money just from the Miz! He’s the one underdog that always wins and I’ve backed him so many times.

However this time I look at it and I think of the result and I feel that the win is more important to Corbin. He really doesn’t have much going for him and he needs this win – would be hard for him to recover after it. if he wins he gets the momentum big time. The Miz however has the mic talking ability that he can lose time and time again and it doesn’t matter. So I’ll take a risk and back Corbin here.

Alexa Bliss (-140) vs Charlotte (+100) 1/2 unit bet on Charlotte. The RAW side Alexa can take a loss especially with future plans. Smackdown need their champ strong here.

The Usos (-225) vs Sheamus/Cesaro (+160) I like the Usos to win but I’m not convinced by that price. It’s just too high for me and I’ll stay away or hope it gets better.

The Shield (-130) vs The New Day (+110) I struggle to see any scenario where The Shield don’t win. Gotta back The Shield.

RAW Women (-220) vs Smackdown Women (+150) and Smackdown Men (-150) vs RAW Men (+110)

I’m lumping these two matches together. They’re very tricky to call. I’d say if you back RAW in one you need to back Smackdown in the other.

Do the RAW men lose? They have HHH and Strowman. It’s tough to see them lose. If they do lose it could lead to something with HHH/Angle but it’s very hard to see HHH returning and losing.

But what about the RAW women? Do they have Asuka lose? Personally I could see that one much more. There are ways to do it without killing someone even though she should be 1 vs 5 and then go on and win in my opinion.

I’d probably lean towards backing the RAW men and then the Smackdown women.

Current Wrestling Betting Odds:

Event:Match:Where To Bet:
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