WWE Survivor Series 2021 Betting Tips

avatar Written By Graeme on November 20, 2021  

WWE Survivor Series takes place this Sunday.

It’s not exactly the most anticipated or exciting PPV of the year, but it has the potential to have some quality wrestling on it.

When booked right, the classic Survivor Series matches are always fun. Roman vs Big E should be a banger as well, and given time, Priest and Nakamura can tear it up.

Before we go any further, let’s look at the current odds:

WWE Survivor Series Betting Odds:

Best odds taken from non-US Sportsbook (Americans: Bet at BetOnline) and BetOnline.

  • Roman Reigns (-500) vs Big E (+300)
  • Becky Lynch (-250) vs Charlotte (+250)
  • RK-Bro (-139) vs The Usos (+150)
  • Damian Priest (-200) vs Shinsuke Nakamura (+425)
  • RAW Women (-130) vs Smackdown Women (+160)
  • Smackdown Men (-200) vs RAW Men (+234)

I shoulda also note that non-US Sportsbook (Americans: Bet at BetOnline) have various prop bets such as:

Which brand wins the most matches?
Who wins most champion vs champion matches?
Who wins most brand vs brand elimination matches?

And props on clean finishes, dirty finishes and who strikes first in the brand vs brand battle. See them all at non-US Sportsbook (Americans: Bet at BetOnline).

Dave Meltzer Star Ratings Odds:

At non-US Sportsbook (Americans: Bet at BetOnline) you can also bet on Dave Meltzer’s star ratings.

As there isn’t a lot of betting opportunities on this card, on the podcast, I went through Dave Meltzer’s star ratings and said what I would be betting. I’ve listed this below. Speaking of, I may do a podcast soon after reading this article on trends in the gambling industry in 2022 as I think it would be fun to theorize what changes we see in wrestling betting next year.

Actually I’ll just paste the notes I wrote for the podcast:

  • Roman Reigns vs Big E: 4.25 stars
  • Reigns generally floats between 4 and 4.5 with a lot of 4.25 matches. Big E in his “Big meaty men” matches generally hits 4.25. Happy to take the 4.25 or higher here.

  • Becky Lynch vs Charlotte: 4 stars
  • Becky doesn’t go above 4 often. Matches between these two:

    Money in the Bank 2019: 2.75
    Fastlane 2019: 2
    Evolution: 4.75
    Hell in a Cell 2018: 3.75
    Royal Rumble 2016: 3.25

    Charlotte also doesn’t go over 4 often. Happy to go with under here.

  • RK-Bro vs The Usos: 3.75 stars
  • Last time the Usos hit 3.75 or above in a PPV match – man I gave up looking. A few on TV such as the street fight the other week. Not too much data on RK-Bro just two star ratings matches both against Styles & Omos. I feel they give these teams time, and Riddle will help carry it to at least 3.75.

  • Damian Priest (-400) vs Shinsuke Nakamura : 3.5 stars
  • Priest had a lot of high ratings matches recently including against freaking T-Bar. I like these two to hit at least 3.5.

  • RAW Women vs Smackdown Women: 3.0 stars
  • Last 4 Survivor series I looked at the women haven’t went 3 or above. Happy to bet under here. The women just don’t seem to connect well in these types of matches it seems. Even when they have had quality workers in there.

  • Smackdown Men vs RAW Men: 3.75 stars
  • A lot depends on the workers in the match. With the workers in here – I think there’s a good chance it goes over.

Now onto the actual betting tips:

WWE Survivor Series Betting Tips:

I would love to see Big E defeat Roman Reigns. I feel it would add a lot of interest to things – especially with Reigns current feud with Xavier. Imagine the rage from Roman if Xavier was out there mocking him for his loss etc. Especially if Xavier helped him to win. Would be a nice change from the Usos interfering.

But that’s probably me just fantasy booking. Honestly if Big E moves to +400 or +500, I would advise a 1/4u bet on him.

You know the rule – always bet on Charlotte. I really can’t see it happening but I’ve said that in the past and she has pulled through. Happy to bet 1/4u blindly on Charlotte.

The Usos can take losses no problem so I like 1/2u on RK-Bro to win Been monitoring those odds and they are finally bettable.

Priest is the 2nd most protected guy on the roster. Hell maybe the most protected. Can’t see him losing but I don’t do bets at those odds.

I feel like with everything going on with the RAW Men, they lose. Smackdown has the babyfaces, and I think the Smackdown Men win.

At -200 that means we can’t bet them, but I’m happy to go with 1/4u on RAW Women to win. With Bianca and Rhea there I like them more.

Where To Bet WWE Survivor Series:

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  2. Click "Join Now" and register an Account.
  3. The Wrestling section will be located under Other Sports. You just need to expand that section.
  4. Click the odds that you want to bet on, and then it's added to your bet slip.
  5. Confirm your bet via the bet slip.
  6. You can deposit to BetOnline via over 20 different options such as credit card.

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