WWE TLC 2016 Betting Tips

avatar Written By Graeme on December 3, 2016  

WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs takes place this weekend.

It’s a WWE Smackdown show featuring the main event of AJ Styles vs Dean Ambrose.

Now betting wise this is an extremely weird one. Usually we don’t see drastic changes to the odds until the day of the event. Or occasionally the night before. However literally within 90 minutes of the odds for WWE TLC 2016 going up, they changed drastically to the point where it looks like the smart money has already came in.

While I got some action on the earlier odds it’s not fair to you guys to do tips based on those. Here are the current odds available:

WWE TLC Betting Odds:

  • AJ Styles (-2750) vs Dean Ambrose (+1250)
  • Alexa Bliss (-650) vs Becky Lynch (+420)
  • The Miz (-1625) vs Dolph Ziggler (+775)
  • Nikki Bella (-1850) vs Carmella (+900)
  • Baron Corbin (-2450) vs Kalisto (+1150)
  • The Wyatt (-2075) vs Heath Slater/Rhyno (+1025)

All odds are taken from http://www.5Dimes.com.

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WWE TLC Betting Tips & Analysis:

Like I said – I’ve never seen the odds change so quickly and I’ve been doing WWE Betting Tips for a LONG time. Based on that I’d honestly recommend a small bet on each underdog because who the hell knows what’s happening and other than Becky Lynch, you need just one of them to come in to make a profit.

Here’s some quick analysis:

AJ Styles (-2750) vs Dean Ambrose (+1250) Styles was a heavy favourite at about -530 to begin with and he’s jumped big time since the odds were out. Seems pretty obvious Styles wins this one.

Alexa Bliss (-650) vs Becky Lynch (+420) Surprise at the odds on Becky Lynch here. She opened up as a -530 favourite as well to retain the title so I’m not sure if there’s insider news on this one or not. But just based on those opening odds I’m happy to have a small bet on her at this price.

The Miz (-1625) vs Dolph Ziggler (+775) The Miz opened at just -190 to retain so it’s a huge huge jump. These two have had quite the year and some fun feuds and matches. This should be a good one. The Miz has made us a lot of money this year so hopefully with a small bet on Ziggler, Miz can make us that money by doing the job.

Nikki Bella (-1850) vs Carmella (+900) Nikki was just -180 when the lines opened and now she is -1850. Holy moley. Like I said – crazy day. This has been a pretty solid feud. I assume Nikki wins to move on here from the feud but you never know – maybe they’ll have them go at it in the Rumble. Carmella has been pretty awesome and I’d love to see her get the win not just for the money but she needs it more.

Baron Corbin (-2450) vs Kalisto (+1150) Kalisto opened up at just +280 and now he’s jumped to +1150. This one does seem fairly standard. It’d be very odd for Corbin to lose here and the result seems obvious enough. I can’t see any way that Kalisto wins this one.

The Wyatts (-2075) vs Heath Slater/Rhyno (+1025) Not a huge jump here but the Wyatts were -600. I expect the Wyatts to win but not sure it’s a complete lock. I heard some rumours Orton may take time off. I do think the Wyatts will win this one though.

WWE TLC Betting Picks:

Like I said – throw a small bet on every underdog and hope for the best.

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