WWE TLC 2020 Betting Tips

avatar Written By Graeme on December 19, 2020  

WWE TLC: Tables Ladders and Chairs takes place on Sunday, December 20th.

It’s a pretty damn stacked card with a couple of TLC matches for the championships.

Thos are Drew McIntyre defending against AJ Styles, and Roman Reigns defending against Kevin Owens.

We’ve also got The Fiend vs Randy Orton in a Firefly Inferno match which will either be awesome or awful. Let’s hope for the former.

Let’s check the latest odds then jump straight into the tips:

WWE TLC 2020 Betting Odds:

  • Bray Wyatt (-278) vs Randy Orton (+190)
  • The Hurt Business (-200) vs The New Day (+140)
  • Drew McIntyre (-625) vs AJ Styles (+350)
  • Sasha Banks (-500) vs Carmella (+300)
  • Roman Reigns (-1430) vs Kevin Owens (+600)
  • Asuka & ??? (-200) vs Shayna/Nia (+140)

WWE TLC 2020 Betting Tips:

Bray Wyatt (-278) vs Randy Orton (+190): With it being The Fiend I expect he will win. It’s a cinematic match so they could easily have Orton win for sure and it won’t matter. However I think The Fiend takes this in what is his special match I guess. Would be silly to have this and him not win. However if you are looking for value there’s a ton of ways they can have Orton win and not hurt the Fiend. I’m just not feeling it.

The Hurt Business (-200) vs The New Day (+140): the Hurt Business need this win more than the New Day who are probably fireproof in terms of losing and still being over. No bet but I expect The Hurt Business to win. Price is just a tad risky.

Drew McIntyre (-625) vs AJ Styles (+350): What’s intriguing about this one is the current WWE RAW ratings are in the toilet. Does Vince blame Drew for everything? Or will he want a title change just to mix things up? Based on the odds for the Hurt Business to win, many expect them to win the titles to mix it up. At this price however, I believe AJ is worth a small value bet. Because with the way ratings are right now Vince is going to have to blame someone. He really digs the Drew character apparently so I don’t think it’ll happen but I could see something controversial to continue this to the Rumble. 1/4u on AJ Styles to win.

Sasha Banks (-500) vs Carmella (+300): I think I would be quite upset if Sasha won here. Carmella has been great but surely they don’t take the title off Sasha.

Roman Reigns (-1430) vs Kevin Owens (+600): So Owens has been freaking awesome and this storyline has to play out until at least the Rumble. But I just can’t see Owens winning. Even by something like DQ or that. His odds have dropped indicating money is moving on Owens slightly but I can’t bet it myself.

Asuka & ??? (-200) vs Shayna/Nia (+140): I saw some rumours that this could be Charlotte but I expect they are saving her for the Rumble. This one is so weird with Lana being pulled out etc I almost think Shayna/Nia have value.

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