WWE Wrestlemania 27 XXVII Betting Tips

avatar Written By Graeme on April 1, 2011  

It’s the most special time of the year in pro-wrestling: Wrestlemania. This year’s Wrestlemania 27 is a special one as it features the long awaited return of The Rock as the host of the show. Many people are expecting him to get involved in the main event in some way because of his feud with John Cena, but that’s hard to imagine with his movie roles. Hollywood doesn’t usually like their stars getting hurt in the ring. This is something to look out for.

Of course, there is a full card of matches as well including The Undertaker vs. Triple H, Randy Orton vs. CM Punk, Alberto Del Rio vs. Edge and, weirdest of all, a match-up of announcers in Jerry Lawler vs. Michael Cole. That match will probably be pretty painful to watch. There is also the in-ring debut of Snooki from the Jersey Shore, which might also be pretty painful to watch. Cody Rhodes and Rey Mysterio in a singles match rounds out the card.

Wrestlemania 27 Betting Odds:

  • Alberto Del Rio(-490) vs Edge (+330)
  • John Cena(-195) vs The Miz(+155)
  • The Undertaker(-1050) vs Triple H(+550)
  • Randy Orton(-265) vs CM Punk(+185)
  • Jerry Lawler(-1850) vs Michael Cole(+900)
  • Cody Rhodes(-160) vs Rey Mysterio(+120)
  • Trish Stratus/Snooki & John Morrison(-1275) vs Dolph Ziggler, Layla, Michelle McCool (+625)
  • Sheamus(-195) vs Daniel Bryan(+155)

All odds are taken from http://www.5Dimes.com.

Wrestlemania Betting Tips & Analysis:

Let’s take a look at the betting odds for this event and see if we can find some value in the odds.

Alberto Del Rio(-490) vs Edge (+330): Alberto Del Rio won the Royal Rumble and has been portrayed as the “chosen one” for months. Winning the title here is supposed to be his destiny, according to him at least. Him winning the title here makes the most sense based on how he has been portrayed on television, but there’s just one problem: he’s a bad guy and this is Wrestlemania. Bad guys don’t tend to do great at this show, especially in big matches and at these odds I’m all over Edge. Bet Edge.

John Cena(-195) vs The Miz(+155): John Cena, the king of WWE, versus The Miz, the Real World guy. These odds are wayyyyy too kind to the Miz. I give him as much chance as the Washington Generals vs. the Harlem Globetrotters. He’s done a great job over the past few months, but this is Wrestlemania. Bet John Cena.

The Undertaker(-1050) vs Triple H(+550): The Undertaker does not lose at Wrestlemania. Period.

Randy Orton(-265) vs CM Punk(+185): CM Punk as the leader of the New Nexus heads into this match as an underdog against the viper Randy Orton. Orton is fresh off of losing his title to The Miz and should be protected in this one. I fully expect him to grab the win.

Jerry Lawler(-1850) vs Michael Cole(+900): As if Jerry Lawler’s winning weren’t obvious enough, they go and come out with these odds. Here’s hoping it doesn’t last too long.

Cody Rhodes(-160) vs Rey Mysterio(+120)Interesting odds on this one as I thought Rey Mysterio would be the favorite seeing as he is one of the top stars in WWE. He is, however, starting to get older and this could be a great chance for him to pass the torch to a younger superstar. Cody Rhodes definitely has all the tools to make it to the next level and a big win here could do a lot for his career. Bet Cody Rhodes.

Trish Stratus/Snooki & John Morrison(-1275) vs Dolph Ziggler, Layla, Michelle McCool (+625): Of course, the MTV star is going to win. How else can they make sure WWE gets on Extra and Access Hollywood?

Sheamus(-195) vs Daniel Bryan(+155): This one will probably be on the pre-show which usually means the good guy wins to get the crowd hyped up. Then again, Sheamus is one of the cornerstones of the future of WWE so… I don’t know. Skip it.

Wrestlemania Betting Picks:

The return of The Rock has made for an interesting card. It’s no telling how he will get involved in this one, but the matches should be great. The best matches to bet on are as follows:

  1. Edge
  2. John Cena
  3. Cody Rhodes

You can bet the WWE at http://www.5Dimes.com.

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