WWE Wrestlemania 33 Betting Tips

avatar Written By Graeme on March 29, 2017  

WWE Wrestlemania 33 takes place on April 2nd, 2017 and BetWWE.com is the best and only place to get your WWE Wrestlemania 33 Betting Tips.

I’ve been providing Wrestlemania Betting Tips since Wrestlemania 26. Man – how much has changed since then. Back then we had the likes of Randy Orton, John Cena, The Undertaker and Triple H wrestling and this year it’s….oh yeah, they’re all still wrestling.

We’ve got a good history at Mania. Last year was profitable thanks to the Undertaker and Brock Lesnar – crazy to think many thought Ambrose might beat him in the betting world. The year prior we correctly tipped HHH to beat Sting which was part of nice profits that night.

This years Wrestlemania as per usual has quite a lot of “main event” bouts. We’ve got Shane McMahon vs AJ Styles which should be a lot of fun knowing how Shane is.

We’ve also got the two Championship matches – Randy Orton vs Bray Wyatt and Brock Lesnar vs Goldberg.

Then there is Undertaker vs Reigns and Seth Rollins vs HHH. Plus Kevin Owens vs Chris Jericho you’d have to hope is a show stealer.

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Where To Bet WWE Wrestlemania 33:

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WWE Wrestlemania 33 Betting Odds:

  • Randy Orton (-260) vs Bray Wyatt (+180)
  • Brock Lesnar (-2750) vs Goldberg (+1250)
  • Roman Reigns (-420) vs The Undertaker (+300)
  • John Cena/Nikki Bella (-1200) vs The Miz/Maryse (+600)
  • Seth Rollins (-575) vs Triple H (+375)
  • AJ Styles (-975) vs Shane McMahon (+525)
  • Bayley (-350) vs Sasha Banks (+500) vs Charlotte (+675) vs Nia Jax (+1800)
  • Kevin Owens (-750) vs Chris Jericho (+450)
  • Baron Corbin (-1350) vs Dean Ambrose (+650)
  • Enzo/Cass (-285) vs Gallows/Anderson (+225) vs Cesaro/Sheamus (+1150)
  • Andre Royal: Strowman (-460) vs The Field (+320)
  • Naomi (-110) vs Carmella (+175) vs Alexa Bliss (+850) vs Becky Lynch (+900) vs Mickie James (+1100) vs Natalya (+1700)
  • Neville (-390) vs Austin Aries (+270)

Odds courtesy of http://www.5Dimes.com.

WWE Wrestlemania 33 Betting Tips:

Randy Orton (-260) vs Bray Wyatt (+180): This is one storyline that seems to be continuing after Wrestlemania. I think we’ve just scratched the surface of it. As we’re nowhere near the climax at those odds, I’m happy with backing Bray Wyatt to win.

Brock Lesnar (-2750) vs Goldberg (+1250): We were swerved at Survivor Series for this one but I can’t see another swerve here. The odds are nice enough that I may bet a small amount on Goldberg just because – however Brock should be winning this one absolutely no contest. So no bet.

Roman Reigns (-420) vs The Undertaker (+300): I know the plans are already set for next years Mania with Reigns vs Lesnar and that all makes sense then for Reigns to win and be the favourite here. However I still know that it’s the Undertaker and anything can happen. If Taker wins on Sunday it’ll be his 100th PPV victory and the WWE love that stuff. I’m not surprised Reigns is the favourite but I’m happy with a bet on Undertaker here.

John Cena/Nikki Bella (-1200) vs The Miz/Maryse (+600): I first heard about this match being rumoured from a source prior to the Rumble. Everything that was planned way back then is still apparently happening this weekend. Based on the odds I advise no bet.

Seth Rollins (-575) vs Triple H (+375): I made a boat load of money a couple of years back when I bet HHH to beat Sting. In that one I could see the forest through the trees as I could see what the match was really about. On top of that it’s HHH who while he has no problem putting people over still can always reason as to why HE should go over. With Rollins apparently feuding with Joe after this, some Joe interference costing him could just work setting up Rollins vs HHH II down the road. I’m happy with a full unit bet on HHH.

AJ Styles (-975) vs Shane McMahon (+525): How does Styles NOT beat Shane here? This is almost one of those guilty pleasure bets I want to make. But yeah Styles should be going over FFS. Thing is that Shane will do something crazy and it will be crazier than what he did on Smackdown. So it makes it interesting. No bet advised although I’ve placed a small amount on it because it’s Wrestlemania and wins/losses legitimately don’t matter as much compared to the “moments”.

Bayley (-350) vs Sasha Banks (+500) vs Charlotte (+675) vs Nia Jax (+1800): The booking of Bayley has been extremely poor and it’s like the writers didn’t watch NXT at all to understand why she was over so much. Since she’s won the title she’s did various jobs in non-title matches and she’s not protected in the least. To be honest I’m droping a trifecta of bets. I’m betting the field against Bayley for half a unit, then a quarter unit on Charlotte and a quarter unit on Nia Jax. The former makes sense in the way the booking has went, the latter because she’s someone different that could really stand out.

Kevin Owens (-750) vs Chris Jericho (+450): When you look at betting surprises over the years, Jericho is always on the lists. He’s won quite a few matches he should have lost and it wouldn’t surprise me if he won this one too. However it makes a lot more sense for Owens to win and I’ll avoid this one.

Baron Corbin (-1350) vs Dean Ambrose (+650): Corbin is someone the WWE see a bright future in so he should win here. In saying that I’m happy with a 1/4 unit bet on Ambrose at this price. It has value for sure.

Enzo/Cass (-285) vs Gallows/Anderson (+225) vs Cesaro/Sheamus (+1150): I see no bet on this one unless WWE go back to their plans of splitting Enzo/Big Cass and begin it here. But I don’t feel strongly enough about that to bet.

Andre Royal: Strowman (-460) vs The Field (+320): Strowman is the obvious favourite. He was initially scheduled to win last year but they didn’t pull the trigger – they should this year though. In saying that the Andre Royal has always been surprising, plus after his loss to Reigns, Strowman isn’t bulletproof. if it wasn’t for that loss I’d ignore it but I’m happy at these odds betting a quarter unit on the field.

WWE Smackdown Womens Championship:: In this one, Alexa Bliss defends her title against all comers. There’s a lot of rumours about surprises for this one. Naomi is the favourite to win. I see two bets in this one. The first is a quarter unit bet on Alexa Bliss, and the other is a half unit bet on the field vs Naomi. If they’re serious about a Naomi vs Bliss storyline then it’s best to save the title switch for another show where it doesn’t get lost in the shuffle. So I could see Bliss retaining via fluke to build her up, or a surprise winner just because the womens division still doesn’t really matter in the eyes of the WWE. If you want an outsider bet, with Becky getting pinned on the last Smackdown we’ve often seen that as reason for her to win.

Neville (-390) vs Austin Aries (+270): At those odds, Austin Aries is worth a quarter unit bet. Nothing more than that. Neville is the perfect champion but Aries is awesome. This has always been a spot where it’s tough to get the crowd going and pumped up – but if they put on an amazing match with the face winning that could work out.

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WWE Wrestlemania 33 Betting Picks:

Here’s a final summary of my bets:

  1. 1 unit on Bray Wyatt to win
  2. 1 unit on HHH to win
  3. 1/4 unit bet on Ambrose to win
  4. 1/2 unit on field vs Bayley, 1/4 unit on Charlotte, 1/4 unit on Nia Jax.
  5. 1 unit on The Undertaker to win
  6. Andre Royal: 1/4 unit on the Field vs Strowman
  7. 1/4 unit on Alexa Bliss to win, 1/2 unit on the field
  8. 1/4 unit on Aries to win

Bet at http://www.5Dimes.com

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