WWE Wrestlemania 39 Betting Tips

avatar Written By Graeme on March 31, 2023  

This weekend, we have Wrestlemania 39.

It’s a two day event which appears to be headlined by Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens vs The Usos on Night 1, and then Roman Reigns vs Cody Rhodes on Night 2.

Will it be the end of the Bloodline as we know it?

We also have Logan Paul and John Cena featured, Dominik Mysterio vs Rey Mysterio, and Brock Lesnar vs Omos.

Here’s the current betting odds:

WWE Wrestlemania 39 Betting Odds:

  • Cody Rhodes (-550) vs Roman Reigns (+300)
  • Strowman/Ricochet (+100) vs Viking Raiders (+200) vs Street Profits (+125) vs Alpha Academy (+1400)
  • Ronda & Shayna (-1000) vs Liv & Raquel (+300) vs Shotzi & Natalya (+800) vs Sonya & Chelsea (+1000)
  • Brock Lesnar (-600) vs Omos (+350)
  • Finn Balor (-140) vs Edge (+100)
  • Dominik Mysterio (-260) vs Rey Mysterio (+180)
  • Becky, Lita & Trish (-215) vs Damage CTRL (+150)
  • Gunther (-120) vs Sheamus (+140) vs Drew McIntyre (+350)
  • Asuka (-130) vs Bianca Belair (-110)
  • Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens (-5000) vs The Usos (+1000)
  • Rhea Ripley (-1000) vs Charlotte Flair (+500)
  • Seth Rollins (-350) vs Logan Paul (+225)
  • Austin Theory (-400) vs John Cena (+250)

Odds from BetOnline.

WWE Wrestlemania 39 Betting Props:

The following props are available:

  • Any Free Agent To Make A WWE Debut?
  • Over/Under on Title Changes
  • Vince to Appear At the show?
  • Randy Orton to Appear At the show?
  • What will happen during Rhodes vs Reigns? (interferences, The Rock, Rikishi to appear)
  • Will Brock Lesnar F5 Omos?
  • Will Jake Paul Appear?
  • Will Sasha Banks Appear?
  • Will Stone Cold Appear?

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WWE Wrestlemania 39 Betting Tips:

I’m going to go through these based on the nightly schedules. This may change of course but at least this is what is planned for now.

Wrestlemania 39 Night 1 Betting Tips:

Max unit size is 1u. As it’s Wrestlemania, my bets are a lot more relaxed and not as strict. More betting for fun here than anything else.

1/4u on John Cena to win. At +250 odds, that’s a fine price. It really doesn’t feel like they have did enough in this feud to really push Theory at all. Doesn’t feel like a passing of the torch moment or anything like that. The only thing keeping these odds high is the title belt, but I’m sure they can work around that. It’s opening the show, the mega face Cena winning can be a great opening. Of course they can have him lose and batter Theory after the match but I’m fine betting this.

1/4u on Charlotte to win: I don’t think she will, but I covered it on the podcast. “Always bet on Charlotte”. She’s the Queen of Wrestlemania upsets and betting upsets in general. She’s had 4 upsets at Wrestlemania and it just makes sense to continue to bet her.

Sami/Owens should win. I can only think of one future booking reason why they shouldn’t but it would be very stupid if they don’t win here.

Team Becky/Trish vs Damage CTRL. Eh. There’s the theory that Trish goes heel to set up a feud for Becky at Summerslam. Possible? Sure. The odds just don’t make it worth enough for me to back. If they were +250? I’d back them.

I’ve thought about it, and I just can’t pull the trigger on Logan Paul. It’s a very tempting bet but with the way the entire storyline has gone, Seth should be winning. Plus the result in this match doesn’t really matter. It’s about spectacular spots. Seth can get the win, and Logan can get over due to the crazy shit he does. Nice and easy.

1/4u on Rey to win. His odds have moved out enough that I’m happy to back it. This is a feud that is going to continue, and either wrestler can win this first match. It makes it closer to 50/50 and I’m fine taking the value.

In the mens 4-way tag, I do feel Strowman & Ricochet are the most likely to win. But it does make it interesting considering the winners may face the tag champs of Sami and Owens. I can’t call this one. Might float something small on Alpha Academy at +1000 just for the sake of it but that would be like 1/8u.

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Wrestlemania 39 Night 2 Betting Tips:

Yeah Cody has to win.

1/2u on Asuka to win the title. It’s time to get it off Bianca it feels like. Interesting to note her odds have dropped she opened as a -250 favourite but I guess people feel the heel turn isn’t working.

I feel like now is the right time for Gunther to lose, but I’m not sure who takes it. With the possibility of Gunther still winning, I’m going to go for the dog in Drew at +350 for 1/4u. They need heels and he would be a good one. Especially if he takes it away from Sheamus with his emotional storyline going into it.

1/4u on Omos to win. If Brock is leaving for a bit, he shouldn’t win. It’s Brock, he’s a different wrestler in regards to everyone else when it comes to booking. I think Omos stinks. But WWE seem to see something in him, and a loss here would hurt him greatly. I mean crap Brock could eat losses and it doesn’t matter as he’s Brock Lesnar. Think I might actually do 1/2u on Omos, as the only reason it’d make sense for Brock to win is if he is Codys first opponent.

Nothing in Finn Balor vs Edge at that price. I did mention to place a bet on Finn when he was +120 but now as a -140 favourite I wouldn’t advise it.

Nothing for the Rousey & Shayna stuff. You do wonder if Rondas comments affect things. If that’s the case, Liv & Rodriguez I’d bet but I’m not seeing anything here.

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