A List of NJPW G1 Climax 29 Betting Upsets

avatar Written By Graeme on January 5, 2022  

The G1 Climax is the most exciting tournament in pro wrestling because of the sheer amount of upsets. Nobody personifies this more than Yano who is never in the mix to win the thing but holds wins over some of the biggest names in all of professional wrestling.

The 29th edition of the G1 Climax was no different with plenty of big upsets. There weren’t odds on every match for every night as the sportsbooks mostly focused on the big match-ups, but there were still a lot of surprises for the bookmakers. It was a big tournament for people making their G1 debut as KENTA and Jon Moxley both performed well.

This was also the debut of being able to bet on the G1.

The tournament was eventually won by Kota Ibushi. He started slowly in the tournament and on July 20th, Ibushi fell all the way to +300 to win outright. His number only went down from then as he started to win more and more, closing at -125.

Kota Ibushi faced off with Jay White in the final. If you had wanted to bet on Jay White as the losing finalist, you could’ve bet on him at +250 as late as August 10th. That was the night of the A Block final and the last chance you had to bet on this market.

Here I will list all of the betting upsets from low to high.

  1. Jay White def. Tetsuya Naito +115 (B Block, Night 18)
  2. Will Ospreay def. KENTA +125 (A Block, Night 15)
  3. KENTA def. Kota Ibushi +130 (A Block, Night 1)
  4. KENTA def. Hiroshi Tanahashi +175 (A Block, Night 3)
  5. Jon Moxley def. Tetsuya Naito +200 (B Block, Night 10)
  6. Zack Sabre Jr. def. Will Ospreay +250 (A Block, Night 11)

Kambi also offered betting odds on Dave Meltzer’s star ratings. The way that they worked is they would set a star rating and then you could bet over, under, or exactly. So, for example, on Night 17 the match between KENTA and Zack Sabre Jr. had a line set at 4.5 stars. You could bet over (4.75 or more), under (4.25 stars or less), or exactly 4.75 stars. There was then a line set on each number based on the perceived likelihood.

There were some big upsets in this category with six winners at +200 or better.

  1. Jon Moxley vs. Tomohiro Ishii Over 4.25 Stars +130 (B Block, Night 6)
  2. Tetsuya Natio vs. Shingo Takagi Over 4.5 Stars +140 (B Block, Night 14)
  3. Tomohiro Ishii vs. Tetsuya Naito Exactly 4.5 Stars +200 (B Block, Night 8)
  4. Jon Moxley vs. Tesuya Natio Exactly 4.25 Stars +205 (B Block, Night 10)
  5. Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Kota Ibushi Exactly 4.75 Stars +210 (A Block, Night 13)
  6. KENTA vs. Zack Sabre Jr. Exactly 4.5 Stars +210 (A Block, Night 17)
  7. Will Ospreay vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi Exactly 4.75 Stars +215 (A Block, Night 17)
  8. Will Ospreay vs. KENTA Exactly 4.5 Stars +220 (A Block, Night 15)

The show featured eight matches rated 5 stars or higher by Dave Meltzer. Moxley vs. Ishii and Naito vs. Shingo being two of them. To show you the level of match quality in this tournament, the other six matches were favored to go “over” their star rating total.

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