Analyzing Historical Royal Rumble Betting Odds & Winners

avatar Written By Graeme on January 10, 2018  

Hi all,

I thought it’d be a good idea to look through the betting odds for previous Royal Rumbles and see what trends there are.

I update this article after every Royal Rumble.

Betting on the Royal Rumble has been available since the 2013 WWE Royal Rumble.

Here’s some interesting notes about the Royal Rumble – both betting the Rumble itself, and the undercard:

The Royal Rumble Winner

If there’s one rule in regard to betting on the Royal Rumble, it’s bet the favourite to win the Royal Rumble.

Whoever the betting favourite is, that’s who will win.

Don’t believe me: Here’s the stats:

2013: John Cena wins as the favourite at -175 odds.
2014: Batista wins as the favourite at -210 odds.
2015: Roman Reigns wins as the favourite at -165 odds.
2016: Triple H wins as the favourite at +105 odds.
2017: Randy Orton wins as the favourite at +150 odds.
2018: Shinsuke Nakamura wins the mens as the favourite at +100 odds, Asuka wins the womens as the favourite at +125 odds.
2019: Seth Rollins wins the mens as the favourite at -110 odds, Becky Lynch wins as 2nd favourite at +120 odds. (Charlotte was -170)

Those odds are taken a few days prior to the Rumble. This isn’t set in stone but man that’s some pretty strong evidence that you need to always bet the favourites.

Like I said the odds are a few days prior to the Rumble so I’d place a bet on this on the Wednesrday or Thursday prior to the Rumble. In 2018 for example Roman Reigns was the favourite a few weeks out. On the days prior, Nakamura jumped to +100 and favourite.

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The WWE Championship(s) Match:

Often at the Rumble, we get a match for the WWE Championship. Here’s the results of those and the betting odds:

2013: The Rock defeated CM Punk as a -600 favourite and Del Rio beat the Big Show as a -1850 favourite.
2014: Randy Orton defeated John Cena as a -600 favourite.
2015: Brock Lesnar defeated Rollins & Cena as a -280 favourite.
2016: Triple H won the Rumble for the Championship as a +105 favourite.
2017: Kevin Owens defeated Roman Reigns as a +110 underdog, John Cena defeated AJ Styles as a -160 favourite.
2018: Brock Lesnar retained the universal championship as a -460 favourite. AJ Styles retained the WWE Championship as a -175 favourite.
2019: Brock Lesnar retained the Universal Championship as a -280 favourite. Daniel Bryan retained as a -290 favourite.

In all but one instance, the favourite won their match (and that one was essentially a pickem). So yet again it looks like betting the favourite is the way to go.

Other Title Matches:

Let’s quickly analyze the other title matches now that are held at the Royal Rumble and see what trends there are – note for some matches there weren’t odds available so they aren’t included in this analysis:

Tag Team Championships: In 2013 +600 underdogs Team Hell No beat the Rhodes Scholars. In 2014 the +180 underdogs New Age Outlaws beat the Rhodes Brothers. In 2015 the -475 Usos beat Mizdow/Miz. In 2016 the -140 New Day beat the Usos. In 2018 the +120 underdogs Usos won and the -150 Cesaro/Sheamus won. In 2019 the -230 Miz and Shane won.

Intercontinental Championship: In 2016 the -280 favourite Dean Ambrose beat Kevin Owens.

United States Championship: In 2016 the +315 underdog Kalisto beat Alberto Del Rio. In 2019 the -320 Rusev won.

Divas Championship: In 2016 the -245 favourite Charlotte beat Becky Lynch. In 2017 the -330 favourite Charlotte beat Bayley.

Women’s Championship: In 2019 the -1500 Ronda Rousey and -180 Asuka both won.

Cruiserweight Championship: The -300 favourite Neville beat Rich Swann. In 2019 the -150 Buddy Murphy won.

Non-Title Matches: In 2014 the +180 underdog Bray Wyatt beat Daniel Bryan and the -1350 favourite Brock Lesnar beat the Big Show. In 2015 the +180 underdog Bella Twins beat Paige & Natalya and the -1050 favourites Ascension beat the New Age Outlaws and the +120 underdogs Cesaro/Kidd/Rose beat the New Day.

So there’s not a ton of data there in regard to what to bet. However it’s good to get that data out to see the mixed results. I know in non-title matches I’ll be looking at the underdog if the odds are close.

Well that’s my look at the Royal Rumble historical betting odds. I will update this after each Royal Rumble.

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