Every NJPW G1 Climax 30 Betting Upset!

avatar Written By Graeme on October 17, 2020  

When it comes to New Japan Pro Wrestling and their booker Gedo, everyone knows to expect some surprises.

The NJPW G1 Climax had its share of surprises however I thought it would be interesting go through and list every single betting upset from NJPW G1 Climax 30 and see just how many there were.

Quick note that Ibushi opened as a +140 underdog however I wait until the initial betting has taken place and the line has settled down. He was still an underdog however it was just at +110 odds.

I will list all the betting upsets from lowest odds amount to highest odds amount, highlighting the Top 5. I will list each night as well and the Block #. It will only be wrestlers who are +100 or above that will be listed.

(And just to quickly clarify for those unfamiliar with betting odds – +108 means you bet $100 to profit $108 etc)

  1. +108: Juice Robinson beat KENTA (Block B, Night 4)
  2. +110: Ibushi beat SANADA (Final)
  3. +110: Will Ospreay beat Kazuchika Okada (Block A, Night 17)
  4. +110: Minoru Suzuki beat Tomohorio Ishii (Block A, Night 1)
  5. +110: Shingo Takagi beat Kota Ibushi (Block A, Night 11)
  6. +110: Hiroshi Tanahashi beat KENTA (Block B, Night 10
  7. +115: Jay White beat Kota Ibushi (Block A, Night 3)
  8. +134: Tomohiro Ishii beat Will Ospreay (Block A, Night 3)
  9. +150: Kota Ibushi beat Taichi (Block A, Night 17)
  10. +160: Hirooki Goto beat Hiroshi Tanahashi (Block B, Night 14)
  11. +160: Taichi beat Shingo Takagi (Block A, Night 15)
  12. +175: Hirooki Goto beat SANADA (Block B, Night 4)
  13. +225: Toru Yano beat SANADA (Block B, Night 2)
  14. +250: Toru Yano beat Hiroshi Tanahashi (Block B, Night 4)
  15. +250: Toru Yano beat EVIL (Block B, Night 6)
  16. +250: Zack Sabre Jr beat EVIL (Block B, Night 2)
  17. +300: Jeff Cobb beat Jay White (Block A, Night 9
  18. +500: Yoshi-Hashi beat SANADA (Block B, Night 6)
  19. +600: Jeff Cobb beat Will Ospreay (Block A, Night 15)

The Cobb victory over Ospreay was a key one too as at that point it looked like the Top 4 were going to win out until they faced each other, and that result to open Night 15 changed all that.

Some interesting facts not factoring in the final match between Ibushi and SANADA but covering just the blocks:

  • Of the 90 matches, there was 18 betting upsets meaning 20% of matches were an upset.
  • 7 of the 18 nights did not feature one betting upset.
  • There were exactly 9 betting upsets in both blocks.
  • While Toru Yano had the most upsets with 3, value wise Jeff Cobb was the better play with a combined +900 return on his two upsets.
  • Block B Winner Sanada was the person who lost the most within the betting upsets with his three losses to Goto, Yano and Yoshi-Hashi all being upsets.

Will we see one more betting upset added to the list tomorrow? Betting against SANADA seems to be the way to go so can Kota Ibushi pull off the upset? We’ll find out soon!

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