Every NJPW G1 Climax 31 Betting Upset!

avatar Written By Graeme on October 20, 2021  

Much like the previous G1, the NJPW G1 31 had quite the list of betting upsets.

Last year we saw 19 betting upsets. This year throughout the tournament, there were 18 betting upsets.

However, there were NO betting odds released for Night 13. That was the night where KENTA defeated Zack Sabre Jr. which based on ZSJ odds for the tournament, would have potentially been a betting upset.

Here is a complete listing of every single betting upset in the NJPW G1 31 Tournament that were +100 or above odds.

(And just to quickly clarify for those unfamiliar with betting odds; +110 means you bet $100 to profit $110 etc)

  1. +110: Taichi defeats SANADA (Block B, Night 4)
  2. +115: Zack Sabre Jr. defeats Kota Ibushi (Block A, Night 5)
  3. +125: Hiroshi Tanahashi defeats SANADA (Block B, Night 8)
  4. +125: Yoshi-Hashi defeats Chase Owens (Block B, Night 18)
  5. +125: Jeff Cobb defeats EVIL (Block B, Night 16)
  6. +134: Taichi defeats Hiroshi Tanahashi (Block B, Night 18)
  7. +140: Jeff Cobb defeats SANADA (Block B, Night 12)
  8. +150: Tanga Loa defeats Zack Sabre Jr. (Block A, Night 17)
  9. +160: Toru Yano defeats KENTA (Block A, Night 1)
  10. +175: Zack Sabre Jr. defeats Shingo Takagi (Block A, Night 3)
  11. +200: Zack Sabre Jr. defeats Tetsuya Naito (Block A, Night 1)
  12. +210: Toru Yano defeats Tomohiro Ishii (Block A, Night 17)
  13. +250: Chase Owens defeats Taichi (Block B, Night 16)
  14. +250: Chase Owens defeats Hiroshi Tanahashi (Block B, Night 10)
  15. +280: Yoshi-Hashi defeats Taichi (Block B, Night 8)
  16. +300: Tama Tonga defeats Taichi (Block B, Night 14)
  17. +425: Yujiro Takahashi Defeats Kota Ibushi (Block A, Night 1)
  18. +550: Tama Tonga defeats Kazuchika Okada (Block B, Night 16)

If you bet Kota Ibushi to Win Block A before the tournament began, then you made some good money as he was the third favourite at +300 odds.

Kazuchika Okada was 2nd favourite next to SANADA to win Block B at +170.

The betting odds for the G1 Climax winner before the tournament began had Okada at +350 and Ibushi at +700.

Before the tournament began, you could bet the final of Okada vs Ibushi for +800 odds.

Some additional facts about the betting upsets:

  • There were 7 betting upsets in Block A and 11 betting upsets in Block B. Block A however had fewer matches. By the percentage, Block A had 18.9% betting upsets, Block B had 24.4% betting upsets.
  • 6 of the 17 nights (that we had odds for) did not feature one betting upset.
  • Zack Sabre Jr. had the most betting upsets with three, but Tama Tonga was the better play with a combined +850 over his two betting upsets.

The final match of the G1 takes place tomorrow, and features Kazuchika Okada at -250 odds vs Kota Ibushi at +175.

You can bet the final match, along with tomorrows WWE Crown Jewel, at non-US Sportsbook (Americans: Bet at BetOnline).

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