Top 10 WWE Betting Upsets in 2013

avatar Written By Graeme on May 15, 2015  

The way to make money in WWE betting is on the upsets. You’re risking the least amount, with the biggest payoff.

In this article, I’m going to list the top 10 biggest betting upsets in the wrestling world in 2013.

However – fun fact. There were only 11 upsets the entire year. Based on the odds a few days prior to the PPV beginning, only 11 underdogs won.

Let’s get to them:

Notable Mention:

We have to give a notable mention to the one that just didn’t make the list. That was Randy Orton +125 at TLC 2013.

Orton was going up against John Cena in the ladder match to unify the two main titles. Going into it, no-one was sure who would win. Cena was the slight favourite mainly due to CENAWINSLOL, but Randy Orton was the one to prevail, giving bettors a good night.

#10: CM Punk (+145) at TLC

It wasn’t just Randy Orton causing the upset. CM Punk went up against 3 guys in The Shield. Now in the Octagon put CM Punk up against 3 guys and he isn’t going to be winning that one. But in the world of WWE anything can happen, and thanks to an accidental spear on Ambrose by Reigns, Punk pulled off the underdog win.

#9: Sheamus (+175) at Extreme Rules

Featured on one of the posters of Extreme Rules, Sheamus went into it as an underdog against Mark Henry. Why? We’re honestly not sure why. Sheamus rarely loses single matches, and we strapped ourselves to him in this strap match. Sheamus won, to the surprise of the bookmakers.

#8: Cody Rhodes (+220) at Summerslam

It was the feud that all began with Sandow turning on Rhodes, as he claimed the MITB briefcase. Often, the briefcase is an easy way to job you for awhile – knowing people will forget your losses when you cash it in. Rhodes vs Sandow was the match, and WWE kept Rhodes momentum strong with the victory over Damien Sandow.

Tied – #6: Randy Orton (+250) at Hell in a Cell

His second underdog win of the year, Randy Orton fought Daniel Bryan inside the cell with HBK as referee. Everyone expected Bryan to pick up the win, but thanks to the assistance of Shawn Michaels, Orton picked up the surprise victory that night.

Tied – #6: Rob Van Dam (+250) at Night of Champions

Tied with Randy Orton at the same odds, no-one expected RVD to defeat Alberto Del Rio for the World Heavyweight Championship. Of course in the world of WWE, people can lose but still retain the title and that’s what happened here. RVD defeated Alberto Del Rio by DQ for the win. He didn’t win the title, but he won lots of punters money on that one.

#5: Daniel Bryan (+400) at Night of Champions

The general theory was Randy Orton was leaving with the belt, hence the high odds on Bryan beating them. However WWE pulled the ol switcheroo; Bryan won the match, and the title. However the dirt sheets were mostly right; the title went in abeyance the very next night on RAW, when HHH stripped Bryan of the title.

#4: Curtis Axel/Paul Heyman (+400) at Night of Champions

Night of Champions should be known as night of the underdogs. Axel and Heyman went up against CM Punk. With Axel mainly as a transitional player for a brief feud with Punk, most expected Punk to take this one and beat the crap out of Paul Heyman. That was not to be – anyone who took the risky +400 bet were popping like crazy when Ryback came out for the interference, causing Axel and Heyman to get the win.

#3: Mark Henry (+425) at Wrestlemania 29

There wasn’t many upsets at Wrestlemania 29, but the big one was Mark Henry defeating Ryback. This was a huge shocker. Actually here’s what I said on that match:

Ryback (-800) vs. Mark Henry (+425): FEED ME MORE! FEED ME MORE! FEED ME MORE! If Ryback doesn’t win this, I will eat my hat.

Consider my hat eaten, as Mark Henry came out the shock winner. Thankfully, the odds were too high and we didn’t bet that one.

Tied – #1: Team Hell No (+600) at Royal Rumble

The team of Daniel Bryan and Kane took on the Rhodes Scholars in a heavily tilted match odds wise. Everyone expected the Rhodes Scholars to take the tag team titles, with the plan to be to build to Bryan vs Kane at Wrestlemania. What’s interesting is this is one of those ones where chemistry really changed things; everything Team Hell No did was gold, and the WWE decided to keep them together a little longer.

This was a surprise to everyone – especially the sportsbooks, who were probably the ones screaming “Hell No” after 2013 started off with the biggest upset of the year.

They’d get hit again just one month later….

Tied – #1: The Shield (+600) at Elimination Chamber

This was a weird one. The match was The Shield vs John Cena, Ryback and Sheamus, yet The Shield were heavy, heavy underdogs. With it leading up to Wrestlemania, the expectation was Cena needed the win. Sheamus and Ryback were also winning like crazy at the time. Really I think it was all to do with Cena – facing The Rock in a month, everyone expected his momentum to continue. But The Shield got the massive victory, both for themselves and for everyone betting on them.

That’s it for the top 10 betting upsets for 2013 in the world of WWE.

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