A List of Every Elimination Chamber Betting Upset

avatar Written By Graeme on February 17, 2021  

It may surprise you to know that despite its annual placement within the WWE PPV schedule, the Elimination Chamber PPV racks up more upsets than the majority of WWE PPVs.

Since being able to bet on the WWE Elimination Chamber back in 2013, we have seen a whopping 32.5% of betting upsets.

The majority of those upsets come from outside the Elimination Chember matches of course so if you are looking for underdog bets, that’s where to look.

All odds are taken in that sweet spot – the day prior to the PPV. Where the majority of betting money has came in, but the “smart money” hasn’t yet to drastically alter the odds.

I’ll list all betting upsets with a specific highlight on the Top 5. This is a list of any underdog that won at above +100 odds.

  • +105 Odds: Finn Balor defeated Lashley/Rush (2019)
  • +120 Odds: Becky Lynch defeated Mickie James (2017
  • +135 Odds: Apollo Crews & Kalisto defeated Dolph Ziggler (2017)
  • +140 Odds: Bobby Lashley defeated Brock Lesnar (2023)
  • +150 Odds: Kevin Owens defeated John Cena (2015)
  • +190 Odds: Nikki Bella defeated Paige and Naomi (2015)
  • +205 Odds: Naomi defeated Alexa Bliss (2017)

And now the Top 6:

Tie – #6: +240. Usos defeat Miz/Shane (2019)

This one was a surprise. With The Miz & Shane there still seemed to be a story to tell and taking the titles off them wasn’t expected. On top of that just prior to the PPV, Jimmy Uso was arrested after a druken dispute with the police. Both storyline and real life suggested that the last thing that was going to happen was the Usos getting the titles.

The Miz and Shane McMahon were at their peak at this point and had become quite an entertaining act. As it is the two teams would rematch at Fastlane with The Miz and Shane breaking up then. Many expected the team to break up at that point to set up the Wrestlemania match – they just expected them to go into Fastlane as the champions.

Tie – #6. +240. Baron Corbin defeats Braun Strowman (2019)

It’s funny looking back at predictions made by people prior to the show for this one to see what their thoughts were. Predictions such as “who cares”, “boring”, “Ah yes, this match exists” and “I predict a hole opens in Earth and swallows us all into blissful oblivion”. Good to see this match was one everyone was anticipating!

I mentioned in my tips for the show that Dave Meltzer theorized that Drew McIntyre would interfere and possibly cause Baron to win. The big man was correct. It required the interference of Bobby Lashley as well, but a triple powerbomb through two tables saw Corbin pull off the upset.

#5: +300. Nakamura/Cesaro/Zayn defeat Braun Strowman (2020)

It’s almost amusing to think that a 3 man team would be the underdogs in a match against 1 man, but that was the case here. I actually tipped this one but I didn’t have much confidence in it writing:

Ugh. I hate myself but I am betting the trio here of Nakamura, Cesaro and Zayn. Probably a dumb move. I do have some theories but they are essentially fantasy booking and not worth it ha.

Well it paid off. Strowman was the IC champion going into it and WWE bookings main focus was to make Strowman look strong. This ended up being a hell of an upset if you go back and look at any predictions for this PPV – it’ll be hard to find anyone predicting this trio to pull off the upset but that’s what they did.

#4: +450. Daniel Bryan Wins Elimination Chamber (2021)

The winner of the 2021 Elimination Chamber would become the #1 contender and would face Roman Reigns. The favourite for this was Cesaro at -167 odds. They had been building Cesaro up strong and many expected Cesaro to go up against Roman. Kevin Owens was 2nd favourite with Daniel Bryan 3rd at +450 odds.

My thoughts for that one were they wanted to keep Cesaro strong either for Fastlane or post-Mania as they had been building him up for a Roman match. Meanwhile, Bryan vs Roman had already been teased so I expected them to get it out of the way here.

I was proven correct with my betting tip of Daniel Bryan, in a nice little win and upset. Bryan overcomes the odds again!

#3: +500. Dean Ambrose defeats Seth Rollins (2015)

Ambrose was at the peak of his popularity at this point it seemed, but no-one expected Seth to lose the title here. This Elimination Chamber event took place after Wrestlemania for once, and with Seth just winning the title about 6 weeks prior, it felt too early for him to lose the title. Seth also had a potential matchup with Kane, and feuds ongoing with Brock and Roman.

That ended up being correct. Seth retained the title however he still lost the match; Dean Ambrose defeated Seth via DQ after Rollins used the referee to protect himself. You’d be surprised but these sort of DQ wins causing an upset actually don’t happen that often. Anyone who bet this one though were happy to see it come in here at a whopping +500 odds.

#2: +600. The Shield defeats Cena/Ryback/Sheamus (2013)

This was the 2nd biggest upset in the history of Elimination Chamber, and the joint biggest upset of 2013 along with Team Hell No winning at the Royal Rumble.

The Shield were taking on Cena, Ryback and Sheamus and with John Cena facing the Rock at Wrestlemania, the expectation was Team Cena would go over on his road to battling the great one.

Team Cena were three of the top faces at the time and it seemed like an obvious spot to put them over.

To be honest these odds surprised me and the upset for this one was that The Shield were this big of an underdog. I wrote this in my tips from back then:

This doesn’t make any sense to me. The Shield have been unstoppable thus far and having them lose this early in the game to a makeshift team seems insane.

That proved to be correct as WWE kept The Shield strong and gave them the massive win as Ryback ate the pin.

#1: +900. Ryback wins Elimination Chamber (2015)

This was the Elimination Chamber match for the vacant Intercontinental Title. Sheamus was the heavy favourite at -530 followed by King Barrett at +650 and then Ryback at +900.

This all came about after Bryan was forced to give up the belt. As is typical WWE all of the men involved were battling with each other in various matches and setups prior to the PPV. Sheamus was the one that was looking strongest and following a very successful heel turn, looked to be the best man for the job.

Ryback ended up being the surprise winner and held it for 112 days before dropping it to Owens at Night of Champions.

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