Top Extreme Rules Betting Upsets

avatar Written By Graeme on September 21, 2021  

When it comes to WWE PPVs, WWE Extreme Rules isn’t the best one for betting upsets.

There haven’t been a lot and the betting upsets that have occured are generally lower odds.

A lot of that is due to the placement of the shows which were often after Wrestlemania.

Generally if looking to bet on it based on past odds and winners, anyone in the -130 to -170 range seems good as a favourite.

As for what underdog bets to make – well here is the Extreme Rules Betting Upsets list.

  • +100: Ronda Rousey defeats Liv Morgan (+100)
  • +110: Carmella defeats Asuka (2018)
  • +120: AJ Styles defeats Ricochet (2019)
  • +120: Bobby Lashley defeats Roman Reigns (2018)
  • +140: Cesaro & Sheamus defeat The Hardy Boyz (+2017)
  • +140: The Miz defeats Cesaro, Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn (2016)
  • +145: The B-Team defeat Matt Hardy & Bray Wyatt (2018)
  • +155: The New Day defeat Kidd & Cesaro (2015)

Imagine Ricochet as an actual betting favourite. What a world. Here are the Top 5 Extreme Rules Betting Upsets:

#7: +175. Three Way Tie.

There were three betting upsets all at +175. They were:

Sheamus defeats Mark Henry in a strap match in 2013. I backed Sheamus in this one as at the time he was a young up and comer (by WWE standards) and generally won his singles matches. Not a surprise he was an underdog though because they were giving Mark Henry a big push at that point with vignettes showing him towing massive trucks, just beat Ryback etc.

When you look back at the buildup to that and Henry doing a heel promo on one TV show followed by a face promo on the next you could see too they weren’t really too concerned about him. Backstage after the show he was telling people “I’m going home” which led to his fake retirement, and one of the greatest segments he has been involved in. So it could be too that future plans affected this result.

Dolph Ziggler defeats Sheamus in a Kiss My Arse match in 2015. It shouldn’t be hard to figure out why Sheamus was the favourite with it being a kiss my arse match. I backed Ziggler correctly for that one though as I felt a face just wouldn’t lose this type of match. Historically that is generally the case and it came in here. It’s good to pay attention to history!

Another factor could be that Daniel Bryan and Sheamus had a recent match, and Bryan got banged up. Sheamus was criticized heavily backstage and it’s possible this was punishment for it. In saying that – Sheamus ended up taking out Ziggler with a low blow and brogue kick after the match, and rubbing his arse in Zigglers anyway. Good little method to get that extra heel heat.

Kevin Owens defeats Braun Strowman in a cage match in 2018. This one was a big surprise as Strowman was super protected in the WWE at this point. Many theorized Brock was leaving at Summerslam and would drop the title to Strowman too to add to his push. Owens “won” by having Strowman chokeslam him off the cage, through an announce table. Due to Owens touching the floor first obviously – he won the match.

Of course the old trope came in that I always pay attention to when betting. Strowman had the MITB briefcase at the time and WWE seem to never worry about having them lose.

#5 – Tie: +200. The Brawling Brutes defeat Imperium (2022)

The odds for this one surprised me. Yes Imperium are very strong but the Brawling Brutes had taken a lot of losses against them it felt. Sheamus just lost to WALTER on Smackdown the night before.

I bet this one thinking they needed to get the win, and it was a nice and easy victory in the Donnybrook match.

#5 – Tie: +200. The Shield defeat Evolution (2014)

This was at a time where it seemed the WWE was really betting on the future – Daniel Bryan had just won the title at Wrestlemania. The Shield were running through everyone going into this match.

Despite that, many thought the novelty of Evolution reuniting would be enough to see them win. Plus you know that HHH fella wins a fair amount.

Another factor was at the time people didn’t realize Dave Batista was only here for a cup of coffee. This was his final match for 5 years and he put over Reigns here by taking the pin.

#4: +225. Bianca Belair defeats Becky Lynch (2021)

This one makes me laugh. Becky had just won the belt after showing up at Summerslam in a shocking return. Here’s what I wrote:

Can’t see anything but Becky Lynch winning. Of course, they could have some sort of DQ finish. Which would be so stupidly fitting for WWE at a PPV called EXTREME RULES.

Oh WWE – I love you so much.

#3: +240. Cesaro/Nakamura defeat The New Day (2020)

This was a tables match with Cesaro/Nakamura picking the gimmick-based on the previous Smackdown. IT was early in the New Day’s reign and everyone expected them to at least hold the belts until Summerslam. They did not. To WWE’s credit, Cesaro and Nakamura were working out as a tag team so they gave them the chance.

#2: +300. Samoa Joe wins Fatal 5-Way Extreme Rules. (2017)

The winner of this match would face Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship at Great Balls of Fire. It featured Samoa Joe, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Bray Wyatt and Finn Balor.

Seth was the favourite at +190 followed by Joe and Finn, both at +300. This was just a thrown together match at the last minute, with WWE looking for someone to be crushed by Brock in Saudi Arabia in a one and done match, and Joe fit the bill.

#1: +310. The New Day defeat Bryan/Rowan, Heavy Machinery (2019)

Bryan and Rowan were the tag team champions and favourites at -125 odds. Heavy Machinery were +225 and The New Day were +310.

This was when Eric Bischoff was announced as coming in to take over. Bryan and Rowan were champions and it was early in their reign. Man expected WWE not to mix it up with Bischoff coming in.

Bryan & Rowan were making grand statements as well about taking the tag team division into the main event scene.

Who knows – maybe the anti-tag team Vince McMahon considered that a shoot comment and decided to take the titles off them as punishment.

What made it more notable were Heavy Machinery were popular at the time so if anyone should take the titles it would be them. The New Day felt like they were just here to make up the numbers and it was a big surprise when they won this match.

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