A List of Every WWE Fastlane Betting Upset

avatar Written By Graeme on December 9, 2021  

WWE Fastlane is a PPV that began in 2015, and we have been able to bet on it since it began.

In this article, I will be listing all of the betting upsets that have occurred at WWE Fastlane since the PPV began. As a note, there was no WWE Fastlane show in 2020.

Fastlane was initially held in February and then moved to March, usually being held just before Wrestlemania. that generally means there won’t be too many betting upsets at Fastlane, due to the Wrestlemania Card being fairly obvious.

However, there have still been quite a few upsets and I’ll list them in this article. Odds for this are about 24-48 hours before the show has begun; prior to any “smart money” coming in.

First the upsets below +200:

  • +140 Odds: Natalya & Carmella defeat Becky Lynch & Naomi (2018)
  • +160 Odds: Tyson Kidds & Cesaro defeat The Usos (2015)

Now the biggest betting upsets at WWE Fastlane:

#4 – Tie: +200. Cody Rhodes/Jey Uso def The Judgment Day (2023)

Write-up coming soon.

#4 – Tie: +200. Wade Barrett defeats Dean Ambrose (2015)

Funnily enough, Dean Ambrose went into this one with an 0-8 PPV record and then went 0-9 with the loss here. Guess it wasn’t that much of an upset!

This was Barrett defending the Intercontinental Championship. It felt like they couldn’t really have Mox lose here yet. Almost felt like they had booked themselves into a corner.

There was an interesting story here with the smart money where it came in and Ambrose jumped to a -1700 favourite, with Barrett to +800. There was also a weird issue with the ending where the ref called for the bell due to Ambrose refusing to break a 5 count. The bell didn’t ring, then they played Ambrose’s music.

This all meant it was either an extremely late decision, or some sort of cock-up. Either way, anyone who faded the smart money would be happy!

#3: +220. Randy Orton defeats Bobby Roode (2018)

Happy to say that I called this one at the nice price of +220 odds. From my Fastlane 2018 article:

Randy Orton is worth a unit bet although I think it’s more likely Roode wins due to Jinder or something. But I could see Orton winning via the same way

This was just a pure value play. Orton caught Roode with the RKO off the top for the win. Mahal then came out after the match to taunt.

If you look through predictions from back then you’ll see people back that up; everyone felt this one was a real 50/50 one. In that regard, this was a nice and easy bet.

Interestingly – when the smart money came in it didn’t affect this match at all. As it seems this was a last-minute decision that led to Orton having the prestige of winning every major singles title in the WWE.

#2: +450. Ryback, Big Show, Kane defeat Wyatts (2016)

With them being an established stable, it was strongly expected that the Wyatt Family would win this match. This one stunned me, as I wrote back in my Fastlane 2016 Tips:

The scary thing here is that you could actually convince yourself on team Ryback winning purely due to how WWE likes to put over Big Show/Kane. But surely not here. The Wyatts need the win and this would be a horrific decision

If you look through the predictions from that time you will see everyone backing the Wyatt Family, and booking them strong with Wrestlemania looming. Many expected Wyatt vs Brock at that PPV and so Wyatt to go over strong. Meltzer had talked about that a lot. WWE I guess decided to go with Ambrose instead.

This is an example of where expected plans can cause an upset. Everyone expected Wyatt vs Lesnar due to the dirt sheets etc – but “plans change, pal” and it caused one of the biggest betting upsets.

#1: +500. Bayley defeats Charlotte (2017)

The biggest betting upset in the history of WWE Fastlane. It blows my “always bet on Charlotte” theory to all hell, as Bayley upset Charlotte to retain the WWE RAW Women’s Championship.

Everyone expected Charlotte to win here to win the title back. That is something that was common with Charlotte back then – and really still common today.

Charlotte was 16-0 on PPV going into this match so many expected her to win. However, Bayley got to keep the title a little bit longer thanks to the interference of Sasha Banks.

A true upset.

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